Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - Kool-Aid drinking morons getting a dose of reality

After all the angst, drama and seriousness at TWFE in regard to ancient columnists and University of Michigan academics yesterday, I was in the mood for something damn funny for today's COTD. And I found one that was cruel, but made me laugh out loud, at Mlive today.

In a long comment thread attached to to an AP interview with Rod Marinelli which had long devolved into a "True fans believe in Rod" / "It's the Lions, how can you buy into their rhetoric?" (Not that a word like "rhetoric" would ever be used at Mlive) flame war, Mliver bigrob44 made me laugh out loud with this nugget of wisdom.

This place is filled with Kool-aide drinking morons.

That insult is blunt, to the point, more than a little mean, and damn funny! At least it was to me, as it cracked me up! Who hasn't wanted to jump into the middle of a commenting flame war, and lay waste to both irrational sides with a snide insult?

When called out by the Kool-Aid drinkers, bigrob44 had another truth filled comeback.

doom and gloom = reality.

Folks, this is a true Honolulu blue and silver wearing, fed up with Millen, hoping for Ford to push up the daisies, tired of the bullshit, worn down by years and years of losing, rebuilding, then losing again, Lions fan! Just like yours truly, and most of you out there in the interwebs...

Thanks for the giggles bigrob44, TWFE salutes you!

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