Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm still trying to figure this two blog thing out...

I again apologize for the somewhat sporadic posting hare at TWFE. Ian warned me what would happen, when he half jokingly called me a "poor bastard." Now I know what he was trying to say.

I'm still fumbling around somewhat, trying to juggle my time between TWFE and SideLion Report. I've been concentrating on getting the Lions blog off the ground, and generate some traffic. So far, so good, thanks to some Deadspin and Epic Carnival linkage, and you all coming over to SLR from here.

To be honest, I really like my posts at SLR to this point, but they are also more than a bit draining. In fact, they've been God damn novels. Factor in Millen coming out of hiding, and finally talking to the media, it means I've spent most of my time at SLR disemboweling the statements from our moronic GM.

No promises, but I think it's going to be picking up in these here parts over the weekend. I appreciate everyone's patience as I learn to budget my writing energies.

Thanks for reading!

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