Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - It's the draft, stupid

In the quiet days of the NFL off season, the Mlive Lions forum doofs are desperate for any news that would allow them to post their accumulated "wisdom" on the site. They got their chance with the latest news regarding the courting of Al Wilson. Which is nothing exciting, just confirming what we already knew.

The scarily named russthomas (I just had a chill run down my spine...BRRR) nails the Lions, and their talent issues, in one blunt sentence.

The reason why the Patriots can bring in veterans is due to the FACT they draft well.


Al Wilson would be a great fit on a good team that has few holes to fill. Then you can afford to take a flyer on an admittedly talented linebacker who's older and an injury risk. Teams that have depth thanks to their smart drafting can plug the occasional hole with a free agent. They also know one incontrovertible fact. You do not build a NFL team using free agency as a foundation.

Unfortunately for we Lions fans, our moronic GM, and his on the firing line coaching staff, have yet to learn that simple lesson. They continue to look for help in all the wrong (and expensive) places, rather than the one place any good team builds from, the draft.

Thanks to their awful drafting, the Lions find themselves between a rock, and another rock. The coaches need to win big in order to save their jobs. Being in such a precarious position, they don't have the time to build the team properly. Marinelli has to slap together a winning team quickly, future be damned. And damned it will be.

Even if the Lions do the unthinkable, and win more games than they lose in 2008, would anyone seriously think the team is built for long-term success? Anyone? Exactly.

A foundation built on aging free agents is as substantial as a house of cards built on a wobbly card table. The Lions foundation is so shaky, a house built directly over the the San Andreas Fault Line would be considered stable in comparison.

You know the Lions entire house of cards is going to collapse, it's only a matter of when. In fact, I think that will be the name of their next season highlight film...

The Detroit Lions: It's Only a Matter of When.

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  1. It appears that even the intrepid Big Al won't go into that part of the internet commonly known as MLive Wolverine Football Forum or the Freep's Daily DickRod-TerrellePryor Comment zone. Of course these areas are also known as "JonesTownOnline," where the Kool-Aid is always Blue Raspberry Frost. All things considered, it probably is a good idea to stay away and comment on rational human beings--Matt Millen, for example. Maybe his next hire will be DickRod whose first act will be to sign Michael Vick fresh out of Leavenworth to be his QB and the PacMan to be his strong safety.