Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - I despise bandwagon fans

In a short Freep article about Rod Woodson's statements from the NFL Network, saying Mike Martz is being scapegoated by the Lions, some clueless ass calling himself slyde734 wrote the following...

The real problem is that people actually still care about the Lions. After 50+ years of futility, hasn't anyone come to their senses yet. This franchise is awful and the pathetic Lion lemmings that follow along hoping for a winning team are equally as pathetic and delusional. Do yourself a favor, pick another team to root for, it will ease the pain. I picked the San Diego Chargers long ago, during the Fouts/Winslow/Jefferson era, and I've had plenty to cheer about. Since then...the Lions, well, they still blow.

This is nothing but tripe from your typical blowhard, bandwagon asshole who picked the Chargers because they happened to be good at that specific period of time. Going by the time frame in his picking the Chargers, this clown is probably a fan of the Lakers, Oilers and Mets, rather than the Detroit teams. This douchebag is a fucking coward. Not tough enough to stay with the Lions, huh?

I have tons more respect for fans who stick with their teams, for better, or in the Lions case, catastrophically worse. I can respect those who can be critical of their team, and demand change, yet still remain loyal. Those who just give up, and decide to root for whatever team is the flavor of the month? For them, I have nothing but contempt. Fuck 'em.

Fans who continue to root for their team despite adversity are to be commended, not derided. This guy is the pathetic one.

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