Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rich Rod speaks, but no one is listening

The Toledo Blade (The Blade? WTF?) has an exclusive interview with Rich Rodriguez today, where the Michigan coach answers many of the accusations made by WVU.

As for the article itself, RichRod denies all charges, as I hoped and expected. He claims WVU is spreading "lies." OK, so we now have his word against their anonymous sources. Expect it to continue playing out in the media.

As for my "no one is listening" headline? I'll put it this way. We've all made up our minds on both sides of the Rich Rodriguez hire. Nothing is going to change the minds of WVU fans that Rodriguez is a nefarious, money grubbing back-stabber who has turned his back on his school, and his state. For that matter, nothing is going to change the minds of Michigan fans who think WVU and their fans are bring vindictive SOB's, who need to move on, rather than making mountains out of molehills, or a federal case out of so much confetti...

I think that describes everyone fairly accurately. Both sides have dug in their heels, and made up their minds. In the end, we will be watching the drama between WVU and their former coach play out in the courts.

I thought about adding more of my thoughts about RichRod's remarks, but I decided against it. Why? Two reasons...

1. I'm tired of writing about it. There's nothing new to say.

2. The MGoBlog is ALL OVER the interview, and Brian has broken it down in the way only he can. I agree with what he says wholeheartedly...

Look, if Rodriguez really did shred a bunch of critical WVU documents that had no duplicates elsewhere that's a serious problem. If these allegations turn out to be true it will seriously darken my opinion of this hire. But the accusations leveled are so improbable that what's far more likely is that some very bitter people in West Virginia just can't handle Rodriguez's departure.

If it turns out Rodriguez was dastardly and wantonly destroying files he shouldn't have been? If he was violating NCAA rules with his actions? My opinion will change. Otherwise, I think the above paragraph says it all.

Writing about this shit flinging fest has given me a headache... I'm moving on. Let's hope WVU fans do as well.

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  1. WVU fans will move on as soon as RR pays the $4mill he owes.

    He signed the contract he should live up to it.