Friday, January 18, 2008

Mlive comment of the day

For today's COTD, I thought about using one of the many comments posted to Jim Carty's defense of his Thursday column calling for Rich Rodriguez to "apologize." As most any article/column/blog post/conversation regarding any combination of RichRod/Michigan/WVU, it quickly devolved into an us vs them pissing match.

So I ventured over to Mlive's Lions section, and found that the Killer's acolytes are still active. His thoughts regarding the presser introducing Jim Colletto as offensive coordinator gave them plenty of fodder.

As many Detroit fans tend to do, they quickly forget the regular season, and buy into the claptrap being spewed by the coaching staff. adguy2 is one fan drinking the Lions Kool-Aid...

Do you think Kitna's endorsement of Martz shows where his alligence lies?

Maybe Colletto will turn this heap into least he's saying the right things. Let's hope he put word to action...a la Bobby Ross, "they'll find a quick bus ticket outta here..."

Dude, EVERY Lions coach through the years have said the right things, given the same speech, talked the tough talk. I'd have been severely disappointed if they hadn't.

Wayne Fontes clownishly claimed it was "my way or the highway" while smoking cigars in his golf cart. Bobby Ross was so overly fond of the "bus ticket out of town" threat, that it became more humorous than anything else. Marty Moronweg infamously rode off on a Harley in the middle of a practice to show his immense displeasure, making a fool of himself in the process. Rather than give threats he wouldn't follow up on, Steve Mariucci just talked in circles, saying lots while not actually saying anything at all.

So hearing the same bullshit coming from the mouths of Marinelli, Colletto, and "Kippy!" doesn't mean a God damn thing. Every one of the coaches on Marinelli's staff realize that year 3 is their make it or break it year. If they miss the playoffs in 2008, odds are excellent that they'll be looking for work in January 2009.

As much as adguy2 wants to believe that Colletto will have the Lions offense humming right away, that's wishful thinking. Any new offense, even a crippled, dumbed down version of the Mike Martz offense, is going to take time to gel.

Same for the idea of Drew Stanton starting in '08, as Colletto hinted that the QB job is open for competition. The Lions need to win now, and that's not going to happen with a 2nd year QB who has yet to throw a pass in an NFL game. For better, and likely worse, Kitna is going to start. Period.

Don't buy into the talk. It's just more of the same old shit.

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