Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mlive comment of the day

Today's comment comes from Mlive's Wolverines section, left in response to an article about Ryan Mallet's transfer to Arkansas.

Some loon named byebyecarr went off on a bile fueled diatribe against the former Wolverine QB in waiting...

Who care about this loser? I'm tired of hearing about him. He's not that great of a QB... His type of style will die soon. More and more Spread type QB will take over college football. More and more will evolve in to a super player like Pryor, Young, Vick and other great running/throwing QB. They will take over the NFL soon enough. Just like they are taking over the college world as we speak. When was the last time a drop back passer won a NC? only USC and they are loaded everywhere on the football field. Screw Mallett lets move on and don't write about this loser anymore. As for Ryan Mallett.. You will be a choke artist!

Dude, it's only a game. A game played by 18-22 year old kids. Mallet's leaving Michigan to play in an offense much better suited for his talents, that's all. He hasn't said anything derogatory about Michigan, so why take it so damn personally? It's one thing to rip on a highly paid, adult, coach (Such as your oh so creative moniker), it's altogether another to do so on an 18 year old kid.

I'm also sure that byebyecarr will go off on Terrelle Pryor if the kid doesn't commit to Michigan on signing day, and change his handle to byebyerichrod.

The odds are great this idiot insulting Mallett didn't even attend Michigan, which makes the burning white hot hate even stranger in my eyes. Even if byebyecarr is a Michigan Man, it still doesn't excuse the irrational hate for a kid, who, to be honest, had his entire football life turned upside down in the past 6 weeks.

Mallet was recruited to be Michigan's next in a long, storied line of dropback pocket passers, not run the spread option. Though Rodriguez could adapt his offense to a QB that is closer in mobility to John Navarre than Vince Young, Mallet's days would be numbered as Michigan QB anyway. RichRod will be on the recruiting trail, trying to find his next option QB, and as good as Mallett may be, he's not a true spread QB.

So just hold off on the hating, and let Mallett move on to greener pastures. Sure, playing at QB Michigan means you have to publicly take the good with the bad, but there's no reason to ridicule the kid (choke artist? loser?) for leaving school.

Clownish fans like byebyecarr represent the worst of NCAA football fandom.

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