Monday, January 07, 2008

Mlive comment of the day

With no new content from the Killer, I had to go to Mlive's Wolverines coverage to find today's COTD.

In an AP wire article that tells us that Rich Rodriguez has hired WVU's entire strength and conditioning staff (Which is a VERY good thing, considering Michigan's out of date philosophies in regard to S&C), a few fans chime in with their thoughts on the future of the Wolverines. It being Mlive, those thoughts tend to be s tad scrambled...

One such garbled fan is Silvertitus, who states the blantantly obvious in a rather roundabout way.

RR should have a better record than Coach Lloyd Carr. The Big Ten and Michigan is different from WVU. This is a poor hire if RR will be more mediocre than Lloyd and still loses to OSU and in bowl games.

Let's see if we can break this comment down...

Coach Rod might win more than Lloyd. The Big 10 and Michigan are different than the Big East and WVU. If Coach Rod loses both the tOSU and bowl games, he might not be a good hire.

I guess Silvertitus is saying Rich Rodriguez might be good, but he might be bad!


1 comment:

  1. Come listen to a story bout a man named Rod

    Mountaineer coach that thought that he was God

    Forgot his roots and became a Wolverine

    Up and left his home cuz all he sees is green

    that is…

    Big 10

    Big deal

    Well the next thing you know, up north they think he’s great

    Then he turned around and lost to Appy

    Lost the next four & then to OSU

    So they ran him outa town, with the kids and Rita too

    The wife that is

    Big hair

    Fake boobs…

    So the moral of the story is that greed has a cost

    If you don’t hold the rope then your hopes and dreams are


    These Mountaineer players will yet make his-tor-eeee

    But you won’t be around to enjoy the mem-or-eee

    National Champs that is…

    Number 1


    Don’t come crawlin back now…. ya hear?