Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mlive comment of the day

Frustration in boiling over at Mlive today. Mike Martz was officially shitcanned by the Lions this afternoon. The announced replacements (Yes, it takes two heads to replace the oversized one of super genius Martz) O-line coach Jim Coletto and receivers coach Kippy Brown, have some Mliver's spitting mad.

But sensible Mliver wallnoclaw says this was to be expected, as it fits the "Lions logic."

Promote the O-line coach, 32nd team D, WR coach promoted... fits Lions logic. Meanwhile, Joe Cullen will probably be promoted within Lions logic and the Gatorade trainer will become assistant head coach. In a related move, Kitna and Millen have jobs for life.

When you think about it, wallnoclaw is right on the money. It's a typical Lions move to promote a pair of underachieving position coaches to coordinator (Colleto) and assistant head coach (Kippy!).

Why do I have the nagging feeling that the dumbed down version of the Martz offense the Lions plan on implementing is a clusterfuck in the making?

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