Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dammit, I'm tired!

Sorry for the tardiness of my first post today. Hey, you get what you pay for, right?

Anyway, I was out late last night, visiting some in town for a couple of days relatives that like to tip a few, thus I'm dragging ass today. I don't bounce back from late nights the way I once did. Funny, when I'm on a trip, such as when I was in Vegas, I don't feel the effects much at all. But when I'm home? Christ almighty.

For that matter, when I was 18? Give me 2-3 hours to sleep and sober up just a tad, and I'll be rip roaring, ready to go, fine and dandy. Then I'll go out again tonight, and start the circle again. Where's the damn beer?!

When I was 28? Eh, 5 hours and I'll be able to get through the day. A quick nap when I get home, and I'll be ready to go! Where's the good gin? Who's got the tonic?

At 38? Shit, I'm tired. Need my 7-8 hours, and the rest of the day to recover. Now leave me alone! Where's the fucking Gatorade?

In my 40's? Fuck me, even though I didn't overindulge. I was asleep around 1:30, 8 hours in the sack. But I didn't sleep all that well. I was still feeling whipped when I drug my tired ass out of bed. I'm not even hung over, but I've been ready to nap for the last couple of hours! So give me a few days, and I'll feel somewhat normal again. At least in time for the Super Bowl...I think. Now where's my bed? Hell, I'll settle for the couch!

Moral to the story? Never, ever get old.

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