Thursday, December 06, 2007

This is by far the most depressing thing I've read today

The Killer did his weekly answering of emails from the loons at the Mlive forums, and I read the following passage...

Boo-urns: I know you get asked this every other day, but... if the Lions finish 6-10, any chance that Millen loses his job?

Tom Kowalski: Not a chance.

Damn you Millen!
You God damn fucking porn 'stached franchise killing moron!

I know that the porn 'stached GM wannabe was not going anywhere, and also know that was going to be Killer's answer.

Thing is, knowing what the Killer says is absolutely true, and not a damn thing that happens is going to change that fact, makes it an even more depressing thought.

About the only person in Detroit sports Millen could remotely match wits with is Michigan's Bill Martin. I'm just not sure which one of them should be insulted...

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  1. you need to link up to that guy in the video. his blog entries are getting even better.