Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Roy Williams and Kevin Jones have seen the light!

At Mlive today, Killer Kowalski writes one of his occasional controversial opinion pieces about the Lions. He claims there's a storm brewing that will hit the Lions next season, in regard to the long term status of pro bowl wide out Roy Williams, and number one running back Kevin Jones...

Williams and Jones, who were both first-round draft picks in 2004, will become unrestricted free agents after next season and sources close to the players say they've had enough and want out.

My first thought after reading the Killer's article?


Who wouldn't want to bail on this sinking ship? If they actually wanted to stay, I'd question their sanity.

My second thought?

Sounds like a smart plan to me. Who could blame them for wanting to leave that dysfunctional organization in their rear view? I'll wish them the best when they join their new teams.

With the word that two conerstone Lions are unhappy, all I have is questions regarding the Lions, but no answers.

Is this going to be the future of the Lions, their best players jumping ship at the first opportunity? Overpaying players by a VAST amount being to only way to keep their own free agents or lure players to Detroit? Would giving the ziggy to Mike Martz improve the relationship with the pissed off Jones and Williams? What about shitcanning Millen and/or Marinelli? Will things ever change on the Lions? Will they ever be able to change the culture of losing?

We'll never see Kevin Jones and Roy Williams this happy ever again.
Till the day they leave Detroit, that is...

Hell, I'm just deluding myself. I already know the answers.

Nothing will ever change. Good players will continue leave as free agents, force a trade, or their release. The Lions will continue to overpay average players, at best, to take their place. The Lions will luck out occasionally and draft a few good players, who will then want to leave after being exposed to a few seasons of Lions dysfunction. Then the vicious circle will begin again.

The same vicious circle of dysfunction will continue with the coaching staff and from office as well.

William Clay Ford will remain oblivious. Millen is not getting fired, though he deserves it. Neither will Marinelli, though the team is going through a late season collapse of epic proportions. Martz will not come back, but it'll be too late to salvage relationships. To help save his job, Marinelli will broom a few assistant coaches, for appearances sake.

There will be the hiring of a new offensive coordinator, who will need at least two seasons to get up to speed, in teaching the offense and in a futile attempt to find the appropriate players to run it. But Marinelli will get the ziggy, and the Lions will totally clean house with the coaching staff, and start all over AGAIN. With the odds being excellent that Millen will remain in charge of the hiring, with the front office staying basically the same.

Thus the vicious circle will be complete, and start all over again with a new cast of characters. We saw the same scenario with Moronweg and Mooch, and it's not about to change now.

Obviously Williams and Jones can see the sad saga I just wove is already written on the wall. They have seen the light, and not even a come to Jesus meeting with Jon Kitna will change their minds.

No wonder they are counting the days to free agency.


  1. I can't tell you how glum reading this makes me feel. Over here in Milwaukee we're of course fed a constant stream of all things Packers. They were awful for two decades until they hired Ron Wolf. Coincidence? The Lions were mediocre until they hired Millen. Coincidence? My friends here just smile and shake their collective heads when they remember I'm a Lions fan. Pity, is what it is. They get fired up for Vikings and Bears games, Lions games...there's no rivalry at all. Is Ford Jr. involved that much with the team anymore? He's the one who got the old guy to hire the stooge in the first place. I don't have a clue why I continue to care so much about this team. My stomach hurts.

  2. It's unbelievable how fast this whole thing came crashing down.

    Can it be any more apparent that the Lions' 6-2 start was the quintessential example of putting lipstick on a pig and calling it pretty?

    Sgt. Marinelli seems to be doing the best he can with the poor roster that Matt Millen assembled and Mike Martz's stubborn refusal to run the ball (because it doesn't make him look like a passing game genius). But if this already wasn't over his head, it's at least at chin level, and the Sarge is fighting for air.

    Here in Detroit, we usually turn on players who leave this city, but in this case, I think we'd actually be happy for Roy and K.J., knowing they have a chance at football happiness elsewhere.

  3. The last four weeks have been brutal. How you continue to operate this blog during a season like this is amazing to me. I was a fool I was to hop back on the bandwagon. At 6-2 I was talking about the playoffs, winning 11 games, just plain craziness. I'm not sure if I actually believed or if I just felt like as the fan of a 6-2 team it was my right to talk of such things.

    RW is a great talent but like Shaun Rogers he seems to take games off. Also, I've noticed that he has a tendency to get frustrated when his QB plays poorly. That isn't a quality that Lions WRs can afford.

    I don't see KJ as a real impact player. He's a good running back, but those aren't terribly hard to find in free agency or the draft.

  4. NO surprise with Roy. Interesting that he was in favor of drafting CJ, even though it would hurt his numbers. Now he's just pissed.

    As for KJ, what a shock. He's a decent- maybe even good- running back, who can't catch a break. They need to get him more action now!

    Maybe we could trade one or two before next season... which leads to a thought: Wouldn't it be ironic if Millen stocked up on WR for future use in deals, the way the Tigers stock up on pitching?

    I sense major changes this offseason. Again. Sigh.