Friday, December 07, 2007


I go to bed around 2 AM, and Rutgers' Greg Schiano is the far and away favorite to take the Michigan job. It was thisclose to being a done deal.

I'm up at 9, sit down at the PC around 9:30 thinking all is well, and I see this?

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano is no longer a candidate to become Michigan’s next football coach.

Schiano, a 41-year-old New Jersey native, had an interview with Michigan athletic director Bill Martin in New York on Wednesday but has withdrawn from further consideration, according to Michigan people close to the situation.

What. The. Fuck? Schiano has turned down both the U and now Michigan? That's either extremely noble, or extremely stupid. I'm leaning towards stupid.

Even more disturbing is the following news.

This puts Michigan’s search process, publicly at least, with no prominent high-profile candidates.

Right now the ONLY names associated with the Wolverines job is Ron English, Mike DeBord, and Brady fucking Hoke? Jesus. No wonder the fans and alumni are on the verge of PANIC!

I've seen the rumors about Sean Payton, but do you really expect him to leave the New Orleans Saints after 2 seasons. Hell, no.

I have no idea what direct Capt. Billy plans on taking the coaching search. As right now, there's no clear candidate, and with Martin knowing for several months that Lloyd Carr was retiring, for the coaching search to appear this fucking clueless is inexcusable.

Miles, Ferentz, and Schiano are out of the picture, and who knows how many more have expressed to Michigan that they are not interested through back door channels.

Anyone they hire now is going be considered someone Michigan settled for hiring, rather than truly wanted.

On to plan D...

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  1. I am stunned at the ineptitude Martin and company have shown in the last few weeks. It's embarrassing and I'm really quite stunned we haven't turned into a national laughingstock over this. On the bright side, we'll have another shot at Miles when we fired Brady Hoeke (sp?) in 3 years.