Monday, December 31, 2007

Mlive comment of the day

The Mliver's are not happy, not happy at all. Yesterday's loss to the Packers reserves has sent even the most optimistic of Lions fans over the edge.

The optimism of 2 months ago has turned into a mixture rage, hate, disgust, and apathy. On most sites, that's a volatile mix. But on the loopy Milve? Hide the women and children...

The Mliver's have taken a scorched earth policy in regard to the Lions, especially the front office. Blow the organization up, and let God sort 'em out. As you might guess, there are some novel length comments in the Killer's Lions recaps and commentary. But sometimes, the simplest comment is the best comment.

chrisput1024 keeps it simple. One word simple...


That says it all about the Lions.

Before every season, we fans eagerly slurp up the Lions cornbread, and drink the Lions Kool-aid. But we never learn. As always, the cornbread is stale, and the Kool-aid is spoiled. So at the end of every season we have a bad case of Lions indigestion. It's worse than ever today...

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