Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mlive comment of the day

It's rough sledding in Mlive's Lions land. With Detroit's playoff hopes officially dead after last night's Vikings win, The Killer proposes, and I agree, that the defense needs to be rebuilt. After close to 2 seasons, it's become obvious there's not enough talent to run the Tampa 2 in Detroit.

Actually, there's not enough talent to run ANY scheme, the Tampa 2 included.

Mliver dgoff asks why everything has to be so complicated in Detroit, then answers his own question in a way that had me giggling...

I agree totally. Why in Detroit is everything so complicated. They cant run the Tampa 2 unless players are in it for 2 years. Martz offense is too complicated. Then switch it. All the best defenses run 3-4 anyways (Pittsburg, Dallas, New England, San Diego) Is the water in Detroit soiled with particles of stupid?

Water tainted with stupid particles is as good an explanation as any I've ever heard. When that soiled stupid water is combined with an already imbecilic Matt Millen...Well, the Lions never had a chance.

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