Monday, December 17, 2007

Mlive comment of the day

After a flurry of Wolverines MCOD, we leave the leaders and the best, and do a 180. We touch on the team that are best known as followers and the worst, the Detroit Lions.

As you might guess, thanks to the debacle in San Diego, the Killer's acolytes are in a pissed off mood. But for all the bile and wailing, only one commenter made me laugh, arrowheadblu, thanks to his snarky take on the Lions coaching staff...

fire the defensive coordinator -- if you dare.

On most NFL teams, a defensive coordinator whose defense gives up 50+ points twice, 40+ points twice, and 30+ points thrice, all ending in embarrassing losses, and is ranked at the bottom of the NFL in scoring defense, would be living on borrowed time. Unfortunately, the Lions aren't most NFL teams. When that coordinator is the son-in-law of the head coach, I think his job is safe.

But props go to arrowheadblu for pointing out the insanity of it all...

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  1. What is the most commonly exchanged two word greeting in Michigan during the month of December? "Merry Christmas?" No. "Happy Holidays?" No. "Fuckin' Lions!" Yes, we have a winner. I really don't think there's much more to say. Let's forget about them and go on to better things such as the MSU men's basketball team, the Tigers, the new UM coach, and the MSU women's golf team.