Monday, December 10, 2007

Mlive comment of the day

In the Killer's Mlive game recap, his forum acolytes were either totally pissed about the loss, or happy to the point delusion of over the Lions effort in the comment thread. But some went further, and blamed the loss on...On a cabal of ESPN, Roger Goodell, and the referees?

CanOpener59 was one of those.

Is it me or do the officials seem to be one sided when it comes to Lions games..we can't seem to catch a break Roger Goodell....back us Lions fans up will ya for a change..look at the plays. You know, it sucks when ESPN only shows plays of the Lions getting burned...are the officials in cohoots with ESPN? WTF

There's collusion between the 4 letter, the NFL commissioner's office, and the NFL referees...Against the Lions? Come on, that's right out of "Conspiracy Theory 101." Blame everyone but yourself.

I'm sorry Can, but this loss falls on directly the Lions ineptitude. They've been losing games like this for decades.

Now if you had said FOX instead of ESPN, I might have believed you...


  1. CanOpener59 is right on. Adrian Peterson is really a robot invented by ESPN and the referees, and built by Roger Goodell with the financial backing of General Motors and Mark Cuban, all to create the "HD Moment" where Kenoy Kennedy is unfairly portrayed as being inept.

  2. In fairness, it does seem that over the years the Lions always get hosed on close calls. Only rarely do they seem to get a bad call in their favor.

    But I don't exactly see black helicopters hovering over Ford field.