Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Detroit sports talk radio blows: Reason #578

While listening to a discussion in regard to whom should be the next Michigan head coach on WDFN's Stoney and Wojo show, callers seriously suggested both Steve Mariucci and Terry Bowden.

My head nearly exploded from the sheer pointlessness of it all. To Mike Stone's credit, he was absolutely incredulous.

But it begs a couple of questions. Who lets these clueless loons on the air? Did the producer believe that such stupidity would make good radio?

And it begs a third question... Why was I even listening?


  1. now martin says he wants a guy like lloyd carr, a former high school history teacher would be great.

    Mike Holmgren, welcome to ann arbor!

  2. I was hoping they'd find the DNA of Fielding Yost, and clone him.

  3. you've probably heard this whole 'gipper' thing ain't going so well up here in the UP, so best to leave ol Yost's DNA where it lies.

  4. HeadbangerStud12/08/2007 9:58 AM

    How 'bout trying to get Lane
    Kiffin from the Faders-I mean
    Raiders-for the Wolverines.
    He's young-32-telegenic,arti-
    culate and should be able to
    reriut well,and his NFL experience(even with the lowly
    Faders) should help him in
    coaching his players.