Monday, November 26, 2007

When you think the Dre' Bly trade couldn't have been any worse...

...It manges to get even worse.

The Killer is reporting that starting right tackle Jonathan Scott's thumb injury will cause him to be placed on the IR. Thus he's done for the season. as if the O-line isn't weak enough...

More intriguing is the fact that Damion Woody, a career guard, is moving to right tackle, and newly signed Barry Stokes will back him up.

I tried to find a picture of Foster actually blocking someone, but...

Essentially, this means that the Lions career of George Foster is over. If Marinelli and Martz would rather replace Scott by shifting a guard who hasn't played tackle since high school, and back him up with a player they picked up off off the street, what does that say about Foster? It says that he blows, and the Lions know it.

You can also say the same about the Lions career of the other player acquired in the trade, Tatum Bell. That Aveion Cason is taking snaps during games tells us that Bell is 4th on their running back depth chart. I think it's safe to say that, barring injury, Bell will continue to be deactivated on game days for the rest of the season, and won't be coming back next year.

All this confirms that Matt Millen was taken by Denver as a sucker, trading for their trash in return for a pro bowl DB.

Looking back, as we all knew that Bly wasn't going to be on the Lions 2007 roster, they would have been much better off if Bly had been released. Didn't the Lions decide they didn't need to draft either Adrian Peterson and Joe Thomas, as they had filled those roster holes the trade, thanks to Bell and Foster? If the trade hadn't been made, and still had the holes at back and tackle, do the Lions draft Calvin Johnson?

Not that Johnson is a bust at wide receiver, far from it. I've been more than happy with his play (His bad Thanksgiving day performance being an aberration). But hindsight being 20/20, the Lions would have been much better served in drafting Peterson or Thomas, who have both been impact NFL rookies at Lions' positions of need.

Unfortunately, Millen deemed they weren't "Needed."

Let's not forget that the Lions received Denver's 4th round pick in the trade. The player the Lions picked, cornerback AJ Davis, didn't make it out of training camp, and is out of football. It goes without saying the Lions still need corners...

All this would be hysterically funny, if it weren't so damn painful for Lions fans.

Even funnier is that the Lions will most likely be looking for a big time offensive tackle in the 2008 draft. Unless the Lions trade for another George Foster...

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