Monday, October 22, 2007

I saw the damnedest thing on TV this weekend

Just what did I see? It was a network telecast of something called Michigan Wolverines football.

You know, I can't remember seeing a college team with such striking winged helmets! What a look, it really stands out! For that matter, their uniform colors were marvelous, I think the announcer (He had what I think was a made up name. Brent Musburger? Please!) said it was "Maize and blue?" This Burger guy went on to talk about this mysterious team having quite a glorious history, despite some recent issues.

This is an example of the helmet worn by the mysterious team that I stumbled upon this weekend.
Pretty cool looking, you think? Kids all over America would want to wear it,
if they could see the helmets in action

Their cameras would cut to the sidelines occasionally, and there was this crotchety old guy wearing a head set, who looked to be running things, but had a sour look on his face constantly. Burger called the grumpy dude Lloyd. There was all sorts of crazy stuff being yelled by this Lloyd character!

This is a picture of the cranky old dude named "Lloyd."
He really seems unhappy almost all of the time.
I think it's because he's never on TV

All this talk by the Burger dude has me wondering why can't I see this "Michigan" team on my TV every week? I sure would watch, and I bet others would as well.

You'd think that a team with such an eye catching uniform, a grumpy coach, and a wonderful history would be on my television every week. I know that I enjoyed the game so much, I'd really like to watch them again. Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be found on my TV.

That's too bad, because I'm positive they would develop a nationwide fanbase, if given the exposure.

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