Sunday, September 23, 2007

That sucked: 1st quarter Lions - Eagles thoughts

Lions start at the 20, and we're off...To a lousy start, as Kitna is sacked. 2nd down is more of the same, as Kitna barely escapes the Eagles' rush. and throws the ball away. A 3rd down incompletion ends a not very impressive 1st drive. Kitna was running for his life every time he dropped back.

A team that claims to be the Eagles, but are wearing strange Swedish flag colored unis take possession after a Lions punt. I have to put on sunglasses to even look at the screen. I'd be better served with a blindfold.

2 passes and a run have the Eagles to the Lions 25. Brian Westbrook takes a handoff to the left, and is barely touched as he strolls into the end zone. You won't see an easier score. Now that's the Lions I expected to see this season. The Lions' offense consisting of Kitna scrambling to save his skin, and the opposition being a hot knife to the Lions defense being the hot butter.

7-0 Philly. It's going to be a loooong afternoon if this continues...

Lions 1st and 10 at their 26. A Bell run get stuffed and mounted, giving the Lions a 3rd and 10. Christ...

Kitna is hit as he throws off his back foot...But he finds Roy Williams on a crossing pattern! 55 serpentine yards later, carrying the ball like a loaf of French bread, Williams is tackled at the Eagles 23. Nice, nice play!

Another pass, and Kitna finds McDonald, as he takes it to the 3! What an off season pickup Shaun McDonald has been...

Holy mother of God, the Lions are on the verge of evening up the game! Which they do, as the first time this season Kevin Jones touches the ball, he takes it between the tackles for the score!

7-7 game, and the Philly crowd is stunned into silence.

The Swedes will start at their own 23. A short run, and a throw away on a heavy rush later, it's 3rd and 7. Bah... McNabb hits Brown on a slant for 19. I have a feeling that the Lions D will have trouble getting off the field today.

McNabb channels back to the day he ran wild against the Wolverines, and runs for 8. Tack on 5 yards on an illegal contact penalty against the Leo's, and the Eagles are in Lions' territory. A long run by Westbrook takes the ball to the Lions' 29! Westbrook is going to have a monster day, the Lions can't stop him.

A run and a pass have the Eagles 3rd and short. it's 3rd down? I'm guessing the Eagles will convert...Which they do on an off tackle run.

Pitch to Westbrook, 10 more yards down to the Lion 5! He's going to have a 200 yard day at this rate. Now it's Westbrook to the left, he stretches...Ball is slapped loose, Lions recover, but it's called a TD! Expect a challenge, as it was damn close...And there's the red flag. Last week was a game management fiasco for the Lions, at least this challenge was done in a timely manner.

Let's hope Marinelli's luck at challenging plays has changed. But I'm going to say it's too close to call, and the play will stand as called. Which it does... 14-7 Eagles.

Westbrook already has 64 yards and 2 TD's rushing, with just under 4 minutes left in the 1st. There's going to be more of the hot knife/butter thing...

Lions start at their 25. 2 incomplete passes leave them with a 3 and 10. Slant to McDonald falls harmlessly to the ground. It wouldn't have counted anyway, as the Lions were in an illegal formation. A WR didn't line up correctly, and we can tell Kitna is lucid today, as he's pissed! No post concussion syndrome here...

Eagles start at their 32...McNabb goes DEEP! He sees Kevin Curtis running by the safety in a middle seam, and hits him in stride...Easy, easy TD.

21-7 Eagles. Let me channel my inner Dennis Green in regard to the Lions' defense. "THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!"

The Lions start, and end, at their own 35, as they have a very quick 3 and out. Philly takes over at their own 22 with 1:48 left in the 1st quarter.

Holy shit, McNabb hits Curtis, who's wide open in the middle of the field for 20+ yards. Then it's Curtis for 8 more. Curtis has 6 catches for over 130 yards. IN ONE QUARTER! Kevin Curtis?

The 1st quarter mercifully ends with the Eagles in Lions territory once again.

That was the worst the Lions have looked since the exhibition season... The offense did nothing much, and the defense was garbage.

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  1. Would be nice if we could actually play some defense, Westbrook looks like Superman out there.