Sunday, June 03, 2007

About last night...

Cavs 98, Pistons 82. Meet the new boss, not near the same as the old boss.

The Cavs were the better team, without question, and deserve to move on. The Pistons, on the other hand, embarrassed themselves. The game was far from over when Rasheed Wallace channeled his "Jailblazers" persona, and went batshit insane.

You could sense his frustration, as Sideshow Bob's flopping was out of control. Yet, the officials continued to buy into it. The final flop, giving Wallace his 5th foul, was the flop that broke 'Sheeds' head.

I haven't seen a player get under another's skin so thoroughly since Bill Laimbeer abused the mind and body of Kevin Duckworth in the 1990 NBA finals.

'Sheed let flopsy, the referees, and the crowd get to him. All to the point where he took down James with malice, fouling out in the process, and then blowing up with the power of a 10 megaton atomic bomb. The game, and series, ended when 'Sheed threw in the towel, and went berserk.

Not that having Wallace the rest of the game would have made any difference. The only Piston who showed any mettle at all was Rip Hamilton. The rest were tired, burned out, had nothing left to give. They had little, if any, energy, and couldn't even make the easiest of shots.

It was not how you'd expect such a prideful team to go out, giving up in game 6 of the 2007 NBA ECF. It was the last we'll see of this Pistons team, as we've come to know them over the past 5 seasons.

If there is one city that deserves a little sports karma, it's a blue collar city that's very much like Detroit, Cleveland.

I don't think I could have survived "The Drive," "The Fumble," losing the the World Series in the 9th inning of game 7, Jordan's shot over Ehlo, the "Human Rain Delay," the quick demise of "Super Joe" Charboneau, John Lucas, and Tim Couch, all in one lifetime. Cleveland fans have more than a little coming to them.

Good luck against the Spurs, as LeBron the Cavs are going to need it.


  1. Interesting take on the city of Cleveland and their HORRENDOUS luck in sports. Normally I'd take an "aint-nobody-gonna-feel-sorry-for-us-so-f**j 'em attitude, but you're right -- Cleveland has endured a LOT.

    I will definitely be rooting for them over the Spurs!

  2. Transplanted Detroiter6/04/2007 8:21 PM

    It'll be an interesting finals in that there's Cleveland with its horrible luck and heartbreak since '48 taking on San Antonio, a city that has never known true sporting despair. Not only have the Spurs won all of its Finals appearances, they have never had an extended period out of the playoffs since joining from the old ABA in 1976-77. I'm curious as to how my coworkers here in hot, steamy Alamoland will react if they fall to the Cavs in seven hard-fought games.