Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The NBA draft lottery is FAN-TASTIC!

When your team isn't involved, the NBA draft lottery is big time entertainment. Not for the boring ass presentation, which the worldwide leader has to strrrretch into 25 minutes of nothing, and 5 thrilling minutes of envelopes being opened, but from what results. That being the hopes and dreams of NBA fanbases being crushed...

From a Detroit Pistons perspective, the lottery couldn't have turned out any better. The Pistons championship window may have just been extended an extra season or two. My biggest fear didn't happen. Chicago did not end up in a position to get either Oden or Durant, so they are stuck shopping for low post scoring help. In fact, no one in the east will get a shot at the crown jewels of the draft.

The Pistons remain the best team in the Eastern conference going into next season. That's like being the best speller in special ed, but it's something...

With Atlanta getting shut out of the top 2 picks, you may just as well close up shop on the Hawks franchise. Are there any of that rare breed called a Hawks fan left in this world? If by chance there were a few diehards remaining, tonight would have been the final straw.

It was heartening to see some teams that outright tanked their seasons not get rewarded. CoughBostonCelticsCoughMilwaukeeBucksCough. In fact, when the Celtics got the number 5 pick, rather than the expected 1 or 2, I laughed. Quite heartily. It was even sweeter justice after reading Bill Simmons' column today...

Name me a young team that makes a leap more quickly than the Celtics with a Pierce-Jefferson-Oden/Durant nucleus. Compared to the other perennial screw-ups and basketball coldbeds on this list, how could you argue against the Celtics' karmic rights for a top-two pick? We're due, aren't we? Please tell me we're due. For the love of God, TELL ME WE'RE DUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We found out that karma isn't just a running joke on "My Name is Earl." Where does tonight's lottery comeuppance of the Celtics rank on his unintentional comedy scale? If you ask me, it pegs the scale.

You can expect Simmons' 10,000 word diatribe on the trials and tribulations of being a Celtics fan posted on the WWLiS dot com by noon tomorrow.

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