Monday, May 21, 2007

I'd break down the Detroit Pistons - Cleveland LeBron's series, but it's a waste of time

A waste of time? Why would I say that?

It's not due to my thinking that the Pistons will win the series. It's not because the Pistons have better personnel at 4 starting positions, and a deeper bench. It's also not because the Pistons won their regular season matchup 3 games to 1. It's also not due to the fact that when it comes down to 5 against 1, you always take the 5.

It's obvious that the Pistons are better and deeper team. That doesn't guarantee anything, as we've seen in other playoff series. This series comes down to 2 things, and 2 things only.

1. Can the Pistons stop LeBron James?

2. Will the Pistons stay interested?

If the Pistons can keep James somewhat under control, don't allow a superhuman effort, they'll win. Just refer back to the game the LeBron's won against the Pistons this season. James scored 41, and the LeBron's won in OT. In the other 3 games, the Pistons held James to 26, 21 and 20 respectively, all Pistons' victories.

As for staying focused, you would think that wouldn't be an issue for the Pistons. But somehow, it almost always is one. The LeBron's will be in this series as long as the Pistons will allow. When the Pistons decide to impose their will upon a game and/or series, not many, if any, teams are capable of stopping them.

I would not be surprised in the least if we saw this series turn out much as Pistons - Bulls. The Pistons will be the far better team, take a sizable series lead, then take a 2 or 3 game mental vacation. It's their M.O. It's in their DNA.

As a Pistons fan, their having to keep their backs against the wall is frustrating as all Hell, but it's almost expected at this point. We've seen their disappearing act all too often. The biggest fear is that they wait too long to wake up. It very nearly happened last season against the LeBron's.

If the Pistons manage to keep their motivation, and not buy into their own hype, it'll be their series to win.

So that's the breakdown.

Stop LeBron.

Stay interested.

It's that simple.

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