Friday, May 25, 2007

Foul? What foul? There was no foul.

The Pistons 79-76 victory over the Cavaliers LeBron's came down to 2 possessions.

Rasheed Wallace didn't commit an offensive foul on his game winning shot. When 'Sheed made his move towards the baseline, Anderson Varejao Sideshow Bob went flying as if shot out of a cannon. In other words, he flopped like a fish out of water. Soccer players would have been proud of Bob's flop. It was a bigger flop than "Basic Instinct 2." Floppers won't get calls, so when you live by the flop, you die by the flop.

Sideshow Bob died by the flop.

Despite Bob's theatrics, Wallace had to still hit the shot. And that was one Hell of a difficult shot 'Sheed drained. Falling away, behind the backboard, yet he hit nothing but the bottom of the net. A great shot by a great (when he wants to be) player. 'Sheed's overall play in the 4th quarter was THE difference tonight.

AUBURN HILLS,MI - MAY 24: Rasheed Wallace is caught listening to his Rosetta Stone CD, "How to speak 'Sheedish to the media"

As for Cleveland's controversial final possession, as LeBron James tried driving the lane on Rip Hamilton, I swear I could hear the screams of "FOUL" from that state to the south. Just as loud were the screams of "NO FOUL" in the great state of Michigan.

What did I see on that play?

LeBron forced the contact, and Hamilton gave him plenty of body. It could have gone either way, so a no-call was the correct call. It was the only call the refs could make. If anything King James held the ball too long, losing any chance of another possession.

More upsetting to this Pistons fan was seeing Larry Hughes finding LeBron's miss landing smack dab in his hands, and having a short, uncontested jumper. Hughes short armed his follow up, barely getting any rim. He missed as badly as Donyell Marshall did on his attempt at the end of game 1.

That's the difference between the 2 teams. The Pistons don't miss that shot. The Pistons convert at crunch time, and so far in this series, LeBron and his caddies haven't come close.

The Pistons are now up 2-0, and to be quite honest, they are lucky to have control of the series. I'm still waiting for a few Pistons to show up.

Chauncey Billups had another ugly, turnover filled game. He picked up his game considerably, as Billups almost always does, in the 4th, but he has to play better for the Pistons to win in Cleveland.

Tayshaun Prince had his worst ever postseason game. 1 point? He was invisible most of the night. Chris Webber wasn't much better, it was obvious he was forcing the action. Antonio McDyess still can't by a hoop.

Just as Rip Hamilton carried the Pistons early in game 1, the baby eating Jason Maxiell, of all people, carried the Pistons in the 1st half. I did not see that coming. Maxiell brought an energy that both the Pistons, and the Palace crowd, were sorely lacking to that point.

Even though the Pistons are winning these tight games, it would be nice to see them play a full 48 minutes. They changed things up in game 2, and only took the 2nd quarter off, leaving them to stage another 2nd half comeback. Sooner or later, this living dangerously is going to catch up with them, and the comeback won't happen.

I fully anticipate King James to get the benefit of the doubt from the officials on his home court. So if we see the same sort of on/off/on performance in Cleveland from the Pistons, they will be coming back to the Palace tied 2-2.

There are two things that I can guarantee will come from another of the Pistons' low scoring wins. Expect the next 3 days to be filled up all sort of hairbrained NBA anti-LeBron conspiracy theories, and for the MSM to continue bitching about the "Boring" Eastern conference style of basketball.

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