Thursday, March 15, 2007

Memo to CBS

To: The Columbia Broadcasting System
From: The Wayne Fontes Experience
Re: Dislocations

To whom it may concern:

The next time a player horribly dislocates his elbow, as in the case of the Spartans' Ibong Ibok during the Michigan State - Marquette game, please don't give the viewing public an up close and personal view of said elbow. The zoomed in shot of Ibok's torn up elbow as we could hear him screaming in pain wasn't the most pleasant thing that I've ever seen, or would care to see again. If you could keep my suggestion in mind, it would be much appreciated.

Just one more thing, between you and me. If you could schedule a couple of buzzer beaters tonight, it would be just dandy. Make a couple of calls, pay off a couple of refs if need be, but do something to make the night games a bit more entertaining than the snoozers we saw this afternoon. Cool?

Thank you,

The Wayne Fontes Experience

PS: Then you have to go and show it again to start the second half? Dudes, come on!

1 comment:

  1. "thank god I don't have HDTV" was the first thing I said before I looked away in disgust.

    I just wish they'd have given warning when they kept replaying it.