Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Drew Neitzel = Big 10 Player of the Year

If there is a more valuable player in NCAA D-1 hoop than Michigan State's Drew Neitzel, I haven't seen him. I'm not saying he's the best overall, or that he's got the most NBA upside, just that Neitzel is the most vital player to his team's success in college basketball.

A face only a mother, or a Sparty, could love

Last night's hugely entertaining Spartan victory against the number 1 ranked (Not in the eyes of TWWLiS, but the AP) Wisconsin was just the latest example as to why Neitzel is so valuable to MSU.

Neitzel took over the game in the 2nd half, burying 3 pointer after 3 pointer. I don't think I've seen any better shot this season than his driving, going against the grain, one hander with no time left on the 35 second clock. Neitzel's final trey, which hit every damn inch of the rim, let alone the backboard, was the sort of shot you only see fall in bad sports movies. But fall it did, the Breslin went ballistic, and the rest is history.

The Spartans don't beat Wisky without Neitzel. They don't come within a missed buzzer beating 3 pointer of beating tOSU on their home floor. Honestly, I doubt they are an over .500 team without Neitzel carrying almost the entire scoring load. MSU sure as Hell isn't a NCAA tournament team without Neitzel's heroics. And last night was the game that cemented the Spartans' place in the NCAA field. Neitzel has been at a Craig Monroe beating the Yankees level of clutch recently, and considering how much TWFE loves us our Craig Monroe, that's saying something...

This year's most annoying Worldwide Leader buzzword in college hoop is "Signature win." Without question, Sparty got their "Signature win" against the Badgers.

Even the most jaded Wolverine fan had to feel something (A twinge of jealousy, at the very least) when you saw Tom Izzo come "This close" to breaking down in tears in the post game interview, while utter student pandemonium was breaking out all around him. The emotional outpouring by Spartans, the Izzone, and seemingly all of East Lansing, was everything that makes college basketball such a great game.

As for those who question (The jokers at TWWLiS) the Spartan faithful rushing the floor at the buzzer, as Bugs Bunny would say, "What a bunch of maroons!"

For all of the talk that the Spartans are an "Elite" program, and rushing the court should be beneath them, they ignore the fact that this season the Spartans are unranked. They have been a NCAA bubble team for several weeks, and the making the tournament was far from a sure thing. Let alone those same jokers kept pounding the viewers over the head with the fact that MSU had NEVER beaten a #1 ranked team at home, and had not beat a #1 period since the 1979 NCAA title game, when they knocked off Indiana State and Basketball Jesus.

I think celebrating was more than justified. Christ almighty, let the students have their fun. Bunch of anti-fun, asshat, buzz killing maroons...

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