Friday, December 08, 2006

We now have concrete proof that Mike Martz is outright insane

Mike Martz has a reputation of bing a slightly crazy, hard to work with offensive genius. Today we found out that Martz is not slightly crazy. Tuns out he's in fact batshit loony. Martz is certifiably insane.

Why would I say that ? Look at the following quotes in today's Free Press.

In regard to the rash of turnovers committed by the QB, how much is the fault of Jon Kitna?

Martz: "About 95% of it isn't Jon."

How good is Kitna when compared to his 2 star pupils, Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger?

Martz: "I think Jon's on par with any quarterback that I've ever coached. He's as good as anybody I've ever been around at that position. He really, truly is. I believe in him. He's a great player."

Huh? Kitna is comparable to a Super Bowl winning, 2 time NFL MVP? Kitna is not to blame for the vast majority of game changing turnovers? Is Martz just seeing what he wants to see? Am I not watching the same games as crazy ass Martz?

I read the praise as just hyperbole, and pure hubris, from Martz, who thinks his system can turn any old stiff off the street into a pro bowler. Sure, Martz's offense has been putting up great passing stats, 6th overall in the NFL. But when it comes to the stat that counts, points on the scoreboard? The Lions are only 21st.

For that matter, Kitna has some of the most empty stats in football. 3rd overall in passing yards is wonderful. But..Kitna is also 18th in QB rating, 17th in TD's, and 4th in interceptions. Then there's the fact that the Lions are 31st in rushing offense. It shows that the Lions offense is horribly skewed in one direction, to the team's detriment. The Lions aren't accomplishing much of anything, other than getting their share of yards between the 20's, when they throw the ball.

For Martz to praise Kitna to high heaven is disconcerting at best, and unhinged at worst. Then again, what else would we expect Martz to say? This is a man who told us that Kevin Kaspar/DeVale Ellis/Az Akim/This weeks waiver wire pickup was the solution to the 3rd wide receiver problem.

I'm not saying that Kitna is the whole problem, just one of many. The O-line is in shambles, causing Kitna to run for his life when he drops back. The running game is a non entity. There are only 2 dependable receivers, Roy Williams and Mike Furrey. There has been so much turnover amongst the rest of the receiving corps, that it's no wonder that the receivers are often, as Martz contends, in the wrong spots.

I was in favor of the Lions giving Martz the reigns to the offense. Unfortunately, so far it looks as if Sgt. Marinelli can't control Martz's pass happy, roster churning, turnover risking, urges. Actually, the Sarge is just encouraging his nutso offensive coordinator all the more when he tells the press that Kitna is the unquestioned starter for this, and next season.

Kitna is an average, at best, QB, but Martz is asking him to play like a star. This season has shown that Kitna hasn't mastered Martz's complicated schemes. I'm not sure he ever will.

Despite what Martz's bluster might lead us to think, you need talented players to successfully run his complex offense. He had them in St. Louis. Martz doesn't in Detroit. And we all know who's to blame for that...

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