Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We finally know what the "L" stands for

"Lame Duck."

Just as I said yesterday, nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING, ever changes in East Lansing. Slap happy John L. Smith will have plenty of time to walk the earth and climb mountains, as the MSU administration will give John L the long overdue ziggy later today. He'll finish the season, and will coach Sparty in whatever fleabag bowl will have them.

Somehow, I find it hard to believe that the canning of John L will make any difference in the direction of the Spartan football program. I don't have much faith in a school that allows an evil mixture of boosters, politicians, trustees, administrators, Ron Mason, Tom Izzo, and George Perles (Not necessarily in that order) to pick a new coach.

With the decades long clusterfuck never ending in East Lansing, Sparty will never get anything better than mid-major level coaching talent. Expect either another gimmicky John L clone looking for his one big payday, or an up and comer using the Spartans as a stepping stone. If the MSU powers that be do manage to stumble upon a talented coach, say a Nick Saban, for example, he'll blow town at the first opportunity. I'm sure that they would prefer to coach at a school that doesn't have 25 cooks sticking their fingers the football broth.

Unlike a certain school in East Lansing.

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  1. I thought that's what "W" stood for...