Thursday, October 26, 2006

World Series game 4 pregame random thoughts: Return of the Zalasko

No rain means we will have a game tonight. Unfortunately, it also means the return of the FOX evil axis that is Zalasko, Buck, and McCarver, aka the "DORKS!!." I'm not so sure if 2 hours of "The War at Home" was all that much worse...

This is Bonderman's only WS start. I'm not all that religious, but let's pray that he's on fire tonight. I have a feeling if he stuggles early, as he is wont to do, it could quickly snowball.

Jeff Suppan doesn't scare me. But his 2006 postseason stats do. So which Suppan turns up tonight? The regular season journeyman, or the pitcher that shut down the NL's best offensive team in the Mets? The Tigers postseason hopes may depend on which one they see.

The Tigers have to hope that Zumaya and Rodney have gotten the jitters out of their syetem. They looked, and pitched like, they were awestruck. Or dumbstuck. Probably both...

It's great that Carlos Guillen is hitting 3rd. But as the Tigers odds on best hitter, shouldn't he have been there all along during the regular season? Good Lord, we've had some weird hitters in the 3 hole. Leyland has damn near put everyone but the black hole of suck in the 3 slot during the year. I know, I know, it worked all year. Still, you sometimes have to ponder, despite his success, the seeming randomness of Leyand's batting orders. I swear he's channeling Billy Martin, and pulling his lineup out of a hat.

Someone needs to come up big with the bat tonight. Craig Monroe, the state of Michigan needs your clutchiness to return.

Does FOX 2 really need a 1 1/2 hour pregame? It's full of the typical local news filler. Interviews with players spewing Crash Davis approved platidutes, such as... "This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains." The stand up with drunken screaming bar patrons. The stand up in front of the stadium with drunken screaming fans in the background, walking by, and screaming "WOOOOOOOO!" Lame bandwagon fan interviews. "Wacky" hijinks with the features reporter. When did the TV reporter doing their stand up with some drunken idiot waving like the flagman at the Indy 500 become standard operating procedure? If I never see another, it'll still be too soon...

Tonight is not a must win game. But if the Tigers lose? Expect to see the reappearance of TWFE "Panic Button."


  1. How could you not love the four guys each dressed up like Batman? I mean, I loved them...loved that they were Cards fans, that is.

  2. Game 5: yuck.

    The baby Tigers looked like the pre-Malden Bad News Bears out there. They seem completely overmatched by the moment, which isn't a huge surprise for a young team.

    I think you have to go with Rogers tomorrow, hostile crowd or no. You can't end your season with a rested guy boasting 20+ shutout innings sitting on your bench. I can see a meltdown either way though. There are no good choices down 3-1.

  3. Oh fark, that was Matthau of course, I don't know how I got those two mixed up; I suppose they have a simialr squinty character although one did comedy and one didn't. My mom actually took us kids to that movie when I was five or six; she was, ahem, uncomfortable with some of the language, but she still took us to the one where they went to Japan a few years later.

  4. "The stand up with drunken screaming bar patrons. The stand up in front of the stadium with drunken screaming fans in the background, walking by, and screaming "WOOOOOOOO!" Lame bandwagon fan interviews."

    Amen, Big Al. Holy shit, does that bug me. Can you really go back to being a credible reporter after spending a night yelling with fans? So much for objectivity...