Thursday, October 26, 2006

If the ratings for this years World Series weren't bad enough...

...Then what was the strategy in running back to back to back to back episodes of "The War at Home?" Couldn't they find an episode of "The Simpsons" or "Family Guy" laying around? "King of the Hill" would have been fine by me. Where's Jack Bauer when you really need him?

I'm sure the nation watched 2 minutes of that shrill Michael Rappaport dreck, and tuned out in droves. Expect record low ratings to be announced...

If there was one good thing about the postponement, I was able to watch "30 Rock" in real time. Say what you will about the show, but Alec Baldwin is a comedic genius.

OK, there were 2 more good things... No Jeannie Zelasko and Tim McCarver. My ears much appreciated their dissapearance from the FOX airwaves. Now if something could be done about "The War at Home.."


  1. How about running something baseball-related during the delay? Run some "Beyond the Glory" from FSN. Or a "This Week in Baseball."

    Keep people in the mood for baseball, rather than sending them off screaming with their hands over their ears.

    And I dig 30 Rock. Tracy Morgan is funny as hell, too. Rumor has it NBC will soon be moving it to Thursday nights...

  2. I enjoyed being able to watch 30 Rock too. I followed up with 20 good years, which despite two all star talents, is kind of lacking in the script department.

    Following up on Ian, Morgan is funny as all get out. I never realized he could be funny. Must be that awful SNL writing brung him down.

  3. Could be that Michael Rapaport is from the D. (Hey, if we're going to claim Jeffrey Tambor, we've got to accept Michael Rapaport too.)