Saturday, October 28, 2006

Did it have to be Jeff Weaver?

Now that's it's all over but the crying, surprisingly I'm not all that upset. Honest. Other than that fuckstick Weaver getting the win, I'm OK...

Sure, it's not how I envisioned the season coming to an end. Not with the pitchers throwing the ball all over Missouri, anyway. But can you really be upset at a team that had been the dregs of the league, a laughingstock for close to 2 decades, 3 years gone from possibly the worst season in MLB history, that amazingly ended up 3 victories away from winning the whole God damn thing?

No, you can't.

The Tigers deserve our kudos for a crazy wonderful season, not our scorn for a strangely played, and ultimately disappointing, World Series. I'm not going to let 1 unfortunate week cloud my memories of a great season, the best in not so recent memory.

About all I can say at this point is that the Tigers were a flawed team that damn near did the unthinkable. Playoffs? The Pennant? Jesus, I just wanted a .500 season! I never saw any of it coming. So it's going to take a while to put this season in some semblance of perspective. The passage of time will do that...

This is a team that should be in the hunt for quite a while, and I'm already looking forward to 2007. I have my thoughts as to what direction I'd like to see the Tigers go, what changes should be made. But there will be plenty of time for that while we are busy ignoring the Lions.

Tonight, I congratulate the St. Louis Cardinals, and their devoted fanbase, on their hard earned world title. I'll also tip one in honor of the 2006 Detroit Tigers, champions of the American League, for the most fun rollercoaster ride I've ever had as a fan of Detroit sports. They allowed me to actually care about baseball, my favorite sport, all over again. If only for that alone, the Tigers get my thanks.

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