Monday, September 25, 2006

No need for EVERYBODY to PANIC!!! - Time to retire the panic button edition

If you had asked me about the possibility of the Tigers making the playoffs back in April, you would have gotten the Jim Mora style reply of...

"Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs. Are you kidding me? Playoffs?"

I would have been more than happy with an 81 win season. I wanted .500. That's all. I was expecting baby steps towards respectability. To think that the Tigers would take giant leaps instead, rather than baby steps? No way in Hell I thought that possible.

I thought wrong.

All the Chicken Littles were predicting one of the biggest collaspes of all time. That there was no way that this team could finish. I could care less at this point if the Tigers end up winning the division, as the primary objective has been achieved, playing significant games in October. Still, I'm greedy. I want to see them with the best record in the AL, and having home field advantage. I want //gag// Tim McCarver being a pompous ass while calling Tiger games from Comerica at midnight in 30 degree weather. I want it all. But I'm thrilled with what we got...

It's all gravy for Tiger fans from here on out. The boys in the Olde English D are now playing with house money. The Tigers aren't a juggernaut, but they have enough pitching to make some postseason noise. We can't ask for more than that...

But for now, I'm absolutely estatic. The Tigers will be 1 of only 8 teams playing after Sunday. Holy shit! I still can't believe it! It even got a tad dusty in the room while watching the Tigers celebrate. Celebrating a playoff berth was something that I was not sure that I'd ever see our baseball team do again. So forgive this long time Tiger fan getting just a little emotional watching his favorite team finally rise from the ashes.

Next year's expectations will be something else entirely, and the team does have issues. But that's a discussion for the offseason, which is, hopefully, a long time off. The 2006 Tigers, flaws and all, are a playoff team.

Now is the time on TWFE when we retire the "Panic Button!"

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