Thursday, September 07, 2006

I take a day off. And what happens? All Hell breaks loose in the D

Good Lord. I take a day away from the blog, due to complete and utter mental exhaustion from meeting several of Detroit's best and brightest sports bloggers on Tuesday, (That, and spending 9 hours at U of M hospital Wednesday had a little to do with it) and all Hell breaks loose in the local sports scene.

The Tigers lose. Again. The Tigers latest "Biggest Series of the Season" starts tonight, with EVERYBODY PANIC currently being the words of the day. But to add to the Tiger drama, Dmitri Young gets his unconditional release 30 minutes after Wednesday's game. For "Performace" issues? Performace issues is just GM code speak for "Locker room cancer, and all around jerk-ass."

If that isn't enough, the MSM learns that the Detroit Lions have a coach that likes to booze it up. Often. And manages to get popped for 2 DUI's (Now that's dedication! Talk about "Pounding the rock!" I can see why Sgt. Marinelli hired him...) in a 2 week period, 1 while driving NAKED? It also turns out that Joe Cullen has a history of pouunding the rock Budweiser a little too enthusiastically, and was fired for his last offense. Sgt. Marinelli talks about wanting players that will scratch and claw to become the best. He now has a coach that will be scratching and clawing as well. Except that it will be the walls in detox...

Then SI reports that Billy Ford Jr. isn't happy with his hand picked hire, Matt Millen. Not that there is enough strife in Dearborn and Allen Park, but now there is a front office power stuggle between Millen and Tom Lewand. As if we couldn't see this coming...

I'm telling you folks, the material just writes itself...

To top things off, I find out that I offended my entire Central Michigan University affliliated readership by confusing CMU with Eastern Michigan University in Tuesday's post. I'm absolutely horrified that I could make such a stupid mistake. I profusely apologize to all the Chips that are reading TWFE. Go Chippewas, beat the spread against the Wolverines!!!

Anyway, I need a few to soak all this in and come up with some major league snarkiness. More to comer later today...


  1. Hey, at least your CMU professors aren't on strike like the lovely ones I have at EMU! But don't get me started there, I will just get pissed off again!

    I have a better one for you... Looks like Cullen likes to pound the rock all right, but not a rock you or I want to see him pounding on!

    I know you and I have had a lot of fun with my crazy 9-7 Lions call so if you get a chance I posted my math as to how I can justify such crazy talk... keep in mind I just finished drinking with Cullen before I wrote the thing, good thing they didn't catch this blogger driving home naked!


  2. Maybe Cullen will be a head coach someday. Being caught with cocaine didn't hurt Wayne Fontes' chances, did it?

  3. Much better, Al. You are now back in my good graces.

    Fire up Chips and all that.

    (And fire up Tigers too. Good God, would a little four-game winning streak be too much to ask at this point? Let's just try to put this thing away more or less now.)