Sunday, September 10, 2006

I had a great day yesterday...

...because I almost totally ignored yesterday's games.

I haven't read the Sunday papers, or checked anyhting online as of yet. I knew the Wolverines won, and that the Tigers lost another frustratingly close game at the Baggiedome. I still don't know the Sparty score, honest to God! There was a big NASCAR race late last night, the final race to set up the Chase for the Nextel Cup, and I have absolutely no idea of the results. I found out the hot chick in the Nike ads won the U.S. Open while laying in bed, listening to the news on the radio. As for this weeks "Game of the Century," Texas vs. tOSU? Saw a couple of plays with less than a minute left in the game. Those evil Golden Domers? I know it was a blowout by the evil axis, but I have no idea how they hammered JoePa. The Worldwide Leader? Never turned it on yesterday.

It was a nice break. Very nice. Spent it having fun with someone.

But I'm back, and it's now Sunday. Time to reimmerse myself in sports. Specifically the NFL. I expect the Lions to totally eradicate my good mood. I'm not going to say a thing about our struggling Tigers till we see how today's game plays out. I just want a split. Please?

Unfortunately, I expect to be railing about both the Tigers and Lions tonight and tomorrow.

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