Thursday, September 14, 2006

Do I have beefs? Yes, I have beefs...

What's my beef? Well, since you asked...

Here are the Tiger stats for the black hole of suck that is Neifi Perez.

G:15 AB: 48 Hits: 8 AVE: .167 SLG: .167 OBP: .216

Why is this clown even in the major leagues, let alone starting games for a first place team? Neifi makes Ramon Santiago look like Babe Ruth in comparison. I've given the Marlboro Man the benefit of the doubt with nearly every managerial decision he's made so far this season. Deservedly so. But Leyland's continuing to give Neifi Perez significant playing time is absolutely unforgivable. Perez has no business of being within 50 miles of a MLB ballpark. No, 100 miles...

Unfortunately, the Tigers biggest trade deadline aquisition, Sean Casey, hasn't been much better.

G: 38 AB: 128 Hits: 29 AVE: .227 SLG: .320 OBP: .261

I'm kicking myself for prasing this trade. Considering Casey has been the Tigers everyday first baseman, playing a position that requires big time production, that is an awful stat line. Casey got off to a torrid start in his first 2 weeks as a Tiger. But he has tailed off so badly, fans are begging the Cigarette Smoking Man to have Casey bunt when men are on base, as he has become a rally killing double play hitting machine.

If the Tigers don't make the playoffs, the fact that Dave Dombrowski couldn't obtain an impact bat at the trade deadline will be one of the main reasons as to why. As much as I would have hated to give up Cameron Maybin, Alfonso Soriano most likely would have clinched the division title for the Tigers. You'd have to think that his bat could have won a few extra games. Word was that Soriano was going to play 1st base down the stretch. Unfortunately, instead of one of the most feared bats in baseball, the Tigers have a stiff that is putting up Neifi Perez like stats over the past month.

I've seen that some people, mostly on the web, are happy that Francisco Liriano tore up his elbow last night. If there is one thing I hate in any fanbase, it's the celebrating of another's misfortune. It'd be the same as a ChiSox fan (I give Twins fans much more credit, Sox fans are just plain despicable) gloating over a severe injury to Justin Veralnder or Joel Zumaya. It's not right. People, we're better than that.

The Worldwide Leader it at it again. We are only 3-4 weeks into the season, and the organization that signifies all that is wrong with sports have already begun nicknaming college football weekends. This weeks moniker? "Seperation Saturday." Good Lord. Does every football weekend have to have some sort of story line? According to the Worldwide Leader, yes. Screw 'em. I don't need a TV network to tell me that there are some great matchups Saturday. Thank goodness the games worth watching aren't on the Worldwide...Well, I can't really say that because...

...Of the lame "ESPN on ABC" network cross promoting. There's no such thing as "ABC Sports" any longer, which is a damn shame. As hard as you try, the Worldwide Leader is so ubitquitous, it's impossible to avoid their web of medocrity. Roone Arledge spins in his grave, while Disney counts piles of cash on top of it.

To continue bashing the Worldwide Leader, let's go to the dot com version. Would Bill Simmons written the same article bashing Dennis Johnson, if he had been elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame? Hell, no. His hatchet job on Joe Dumars HOF induction was dispicable. I don't need to defend Dumars' accomplishments, they speak for themselves. The once great Simmons continues his rapid spin into irrelevancy. Yes, there is more than a bit of homer in me. But I'm not a highly paid feature columnist for the dot com entity for all that sucks in sports.

What's my biggest beef of all? That Woody Paige and Skip Bayless are still gainfully employed.


  1. I thought it funny that Simmons bothered to slam Joe D's induction under the guise of how much he "cares" about the Halls of Fame. That's Trust Fund Bill Simmons for you, always looking out for the little guy.

    I never understood the need to tear down guys that get elected to pretty much any Hall of Fame, regardless of their resume. It's one of those things (to me, at least) that is in poor taste and is largely pointless. The barriers are set so high to get in to any of them that being honored pretty much inoculates you from criticism. I don't care how nice a guy Dumars might be -- dozens of guys aren't going to vote for you because you're a nice guy. You have to have the resume.

    I think it's hilarious that he carries such a chip on his shoulder about those 80s Pistons teams when most current Pistons fans of that vintage really couldn't give a shit about the Celtics. You certainly wouldn't see me gloating about what crappy GMs Kevin McHale and Danny Ainge turned out to be, especially compared to Dumars. (Did I say that out loud?)

  2. Simmons lost me when he failed to mention Joe D's two championships among his accomplishments. (Unless he assumed that "a Finals MVP" implied that Dumars won at least one NBA title.) That's a ridiculous oversight.

    And maybe it shouldn't factor into the voting, but Joe D's work as an executive almost surely factored into his induction - which, by the way, added another NBA championship to his resume.