Thursday, August 17, 2006

I learned a little about myself...

In case you were worried about my mental health after blowing a gasket during yesterday's rant, not to worry. After reading over my viciously acerbic post, I did something all of us should do occasionally. I turned off the radio and stepped away from the computer. The fog began to clear, my mood began to improve and lucidity soon returned.

So what did I learn? One, I drank too much coffee yesterday. Two, it's that my tolerance to suffer fools gladly has lowered over the years, and this city has an overflow of said fools, especically in the mainstream media. I reached a breaking point when it came to those slappys yesterday.

Something else that I've known, for quite a while actually, and bears repeating, is that if you want quality commentary, stick to the web. You sure as Hell aren't going to get it from the local MSM. I get more measured, thought provoking, informative, timely and funny commentary from the cadre of bloggers I read than I ever could from the slappys, most of whom are just looking to incite any kind of reaction, in the print and broadcast media.

For example, I haven't read anything in today's Freep, News, MLive, and Oakland Press, or heard any of the radio slappys for that matter, crititizing the Marlboro Man for leaving Justin Verlander in the game at least 2-3 batters too long against the BoSox. It was obvious to everyone watching that Verlander couldn't control his breaking stuff. So why leave him in to lose the game, especially after he loaded the bases? Even FSD's Mario Impemba and Rod Allen said Verlander was aiming the ball, rather than throwing. But do you see anyone in the MSM questioning the decision? Didn't think so...

When you go online though, what do you see? Check out Kurt at Mack Avenue Tigers.

He probably shouldn’t have been going six innings anyway, but especially not when he was having so much trouble with his control through five innings. It’s not often I question Jim Leyland, but I wasn’t really in favor of the sixth inning, period, little lone leaving him in when he loaded up the bases.

For that matter, Brian said the same thing in the comments here at TWFE last night...

Now don't get me started on what the hell the Marlboro Man was thinking by letting Verlander continue to pitch in the sixth inning tonight. That's another story.

You could go to any message board game thread, and see everyone asking the same thing. "Why is Verlander still in the game? What is the Cigarette Smoking man smoking?" By leaving Verlander in to pitch through the 6th inning, I guessing he was puffing on something stronger than Marlboro Reds.

But no one in the MSM is crititizing Jim Leyland this morning. Why? Is he immune from second guessing? Even someone as smart as Leyland makes mistakes, and he made a BIG one last night. One that probably cost the Tigers the game, and from extending their divison lead.

So when it comes down to brass tacks, it comes to this. You want to keep your sanity? Keep from busrting a blood vessel? Not kill brain cells? Stay on an even keel? Stick to the web. Tell the MSM to shove it high and far. You'll thank me in the long run.

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  1. Big Al, you'll be okay once you get to the weekend. Sports talk radio and newspaper coverage dials down, and you'll be able to just relax and watch the games.

    Have a beer and a smile, my friend.