Monday, July 03, 2006

Why Detroit sports talk radio blows: Reason #28

I was listening to WXYT this morning, killing time while waiting for the Stevie Y presser. I ended up killing more brain cells than time.

On the air were Pat Caputo and Marc Spindler. You can tell it's vacation time, and that they have run out of fill-ins, when WXYT has Spindler broadcasting. What Spindler knows about hockey is, well, nothing. As for Caputo, did you know he plays rec league hockey?

Around noon, when it was already apparent that the Captain was calling it a career, Red Wings sycophant Art Regner calls in from the Joe with exciting news! He ran into Steve Yzerman in the Joe Lewis parking lot. Steve was coy to Art in regard as to why the presser was being held, told him that he'll have to wait to find out. The synapses start firing in Art's brain, he puts 2+2 together, and tells Caputo that he thinks Yzerman is going to....retire!

A discussion ensues, with Caputo pondering with Regner as to what postion Yzerman will be taking in the Wings front office. They bring up the Gordie Howe "Mushroom treatment," but not the actual quote. For you youngsters, they are referring to the Wings disgraceful treatment of Mr. Hockey after his retirement. Gordie was quoted that he was tired of being treated like a mushroom...

"They keep you completely in the dark and every once in a while they come in and throw manure on you."

Regner and Caputo found the Howe reference hysterical. What I found hysterical was listening to Spindler. You ever hear someone laugh, even though they don't have the slightest idea as to what is being referenced, because everyone else is in hysterics? That was Spindler. If you were listening, you heard Regner and Caputo cracking themselves up, and 5-10 beats later, you suddenly hear Spindlers loud forced laughter. I'll bet you dollars to shitakes that the Spindog had no clue.

Detroit sports talk: The refuge of toadies, clueless columnists, and concussion addled linemen.

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