Monday, July 31, 2006

The Red Wings have guaranteed themselves the Stanley Cup...

...If it was still 1999.

I've just accepted the fact that the heartthrob of Downriver Puck Bunnies, Chris Osgood, would be the Wings #1 goalie. Then Ken Holland jumps in the Wayback Machine with Sherman and Peabody and signs...Dominik Hasek?

Hasek, he of the groin as touchy as the head of Ernie Sims? Hasek, the goalie that has to feel at least 152% healthy before he can even lace up his skates? Hasek, who was part of the 16 million dollar goalie imbroglio? Hasek, who put up good stats in Ottawa, but never even attempted to make it back for the playoffs? Hasek, who's 40 something years old? That Dominik Hasek? Well, he was the best goalie left on the free agent market, which isn't saying much.

I'm sure Hasek still has skills, but the baggage he brings is closer to a steamer trunk than a carry on...

There is one good thing about the current Red Wing goalie situation. That Psyhco Eddie Belfour isn't in the mix. Small favors, you know?


  1. Hasek had a brilliant regular season in 2005-06, numbers-wise. But you're right about the baggage he carries, and his sometimes-suspect work ethic. Maybe those things won't surface in Detroit -- probably his last NHL chance.

    Not a BAD signing, depending on how much they're paying him, of course.

    Question: of Hasek, Osgood, and Legace, who do you feel most comfortable with in the playoffs?

    I vote for Dom, if he's healthy.

  2. Of the 3 you mention, Eno, I agree that Hasek is the man. But the question with Hasek is will he make it to the playoffs?

    I have no idea as to money, so that will be a mitigating factor as to how I feel about this in the long run. If it's a cheap deal, they'll still have wiggle room to trade for someone in March.