Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Red Wings are aggressively going after...senior citizens

The Red Wings search for a number 1 goalie continues. Hoping to get an AARP discount, Ken Holland has contacted Dominic Hasek, to gauge his interest in returning, and to find out if he still has a groin tweak after 8 months of recovery. Also, the Wings had Crazy Eddie Belfour in town today for a physical. A billion dollar contract may hang in the balance...

In other Red Wing news, Holland's first choice to play goal, Gump Worsley, turned down the Wings 2 year contract offer, saying the team was too old. Terry Sawchuck was also in the running, but the Wings interest waned when they found out he was still dead.

Brendan Shanahan's status hasn't changed, as he has not yet accepted the Red Wings 4 million dollar a year offer, and is exploring other opportunities. Downriver puck bunnies are currently holding a candlelight vigil. BYOB.

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  1. I remember back in the late 70's, after the Maple Leafs brought Carl Brewer out of retirement (no joke), owner Harold Ballard threatened to contact goalie Johnny Bower, who was well into his 50's. Again, no joke.