Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lloyd Carr believes in an eye for an eye

Looking in on our favorite Michigan whipping boy, it looks as if Lloyd Carr is on a firing binge. As you all know, when Lloyd was eyeing fresh blood for his coaching staff, he eyeballed his current staff, and made an eye opening decision. He finally opened his eyes and decided to give the ziggy to his coordinators. Now Lloyd has his eyes set on offing disabled Big Ten referees.

Michigan coach reportedly told

But he said his dream ended in the spring of 2005 when a reporter told University of Michigan's head football coach about Filson's one eye. Filson accuses the coach of calling Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney who allegedly urged Filson's firing.

Obviously, Lloyd refused to turn a blind eye to the situation. Now the ref has his eye on a cash settlement. His eye is now on the prize.

Filson says his firing is a violation of the federal disability act and is seeking back pay, reinstatement, and compensatory and punitive damages among other fees.

I don't know why the fired ref is up to his eyes in a lawsuit. If he's looking for a a gig, he just needs to open his eye. He should be eyeing a job in the Sun Belt Confrence. In fact, he'd probably be one eye up on the Sun Belt's current referee roster.

Now if I could just work in the wood eye-hairlip joke.

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