Friday, July 07, 2006

It's a linkage Friday, cause I got nuttin'

Despite AJ Pierzynski Cheaterynski winning the AL vote thanks to the clueless ChiSox fanbase, and becoming an undeserving All-Star, I'm having trouble getting whipped up into my normal froth of rightous indignation. So I figured it would be a good day to link to some of the blogs I check out daily.

IwoCPO at Abel to Yzerman says what we are all thinking, and gives Wings GM Ken Holland the red ass in regard to the courting of Psycho Eddie Belfour...

If you’re going to sign him, do so under the condition that all medications Belfour is taking to modify any instability be taken away for one year. If we’re going to get “the Eagle” we want the real thing….crazy, consistently on the verge of losing it completely.

Ian, who has been busy as of late due to being a working writer, than the wannabes that are the majority of we bloggers, chimes in over at Sweaty Men with the "Why persue Psycho Eddie when there is another veteran goalie already under contract" arguement.

Here's my question: Isn't Chris Osgood already on the roster? Can he really do a worse job, at this point? And if he hadn't gotten hurt, wouldn't he have taken over for the mentally shot Manny Legace during the playoffs? Bringing in guys almost solely based on their past name value doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Over at, it's a girl! And she's damn bored, from looking at the ultrasound. Congrats to Kevin and Beck on their currently percolating Mia Hamm to be. Don't forget to check out Kevin's new message board, "The Hangout," where you can find deep, in depth discussions on the hackery of Dat Phan, icky things you don't want to eat, all geeky things Superman, and even...sports?

There's a new blogger on the Detroit scene. Unfortunately, he looks to be a crack smoker. Welcome the Oakland Press' Pat Caputo to the blogosphere...

A prediction: If running back Kevin Jones and wide receiver Roy Williams both play all 16 games for the Lions this season, they will make the playoffs.

I'll give credit where credit is due. Even if Caputo is smoking crack, he thinks Ken Holland is as well...

Chris Osgood and Belfour would be perfect for the Red Wings - if this was 1996.

I'm sensing a trend when it comes to the Wings...

Out of Bounds chimes in on the Red Wing goalie gong show. Eno wonders about the wisdom of having 2 goalies that are a combined 75 years of age, and ponders the availability of OTC groin meds...

But you might want to invest in Doan's Pills, and whatever OTC groin medication is out there nowadays. Belfour is coming off major back surgery, and a lousy season. Osgood is still recovering from a groin injury, and a so-so season. Two significant injuries, two seasons not worth a hill of beans. Yet this might be the duo that GM Kenny Holland commits himself to for next season.

Christy at Behind the Jersey also wonders about the incomprhensable fascination the Wings have with Psycho Eddie, but also questions Ken Holland in regard to the Wings persuit of Brendan Shanahan, especially considering the size of the contract being bandied about. She's about out of patience in regard to the cluster that has become the Wings off season...

That Helene St. James article says that both of our offers (1 year and 2 years) were for about $4 million each year. Please let this not be true. 2 years, $4 million apiece for Shanny? Come on...I'm trying to be patient Holland, I really am. But I'm struggling, I really am.

In a change of pace, Matt at Detroit Bad Boys takes Terry Foster's rumor mongering about a Pistons sign and trade for Al Harrington to task...

The chatter amongst whom? Talk radio hosts? Beat reporters? Locker room attendants? Limousine chauffeurs? Take all uncredited rumors with a grain of salt. I have no clue what it would take to get Harrington, but I have a feeling Dale Davis plus one of Detroit's first-round picks from next year isn't enough. I'm not saying this deal won't happen, but if it does it'll likely require a noticable roster shakeup.

Beefshower has run the gamut of emotions when it comes to the Ben Wallace signing under The Mickey Tettleton Memorial Overpass. He beleives the Bulls will regret the signing in a couple of years, as he forsees a downward spiral in Wallace's performance.

What do I expect from Big Ben? Next year I think a motivated Ben will have a classic Ben season 8 points per game, 13 boards, 2.5 blocks, solid interior defense, and a potential 5th Defensive Player of the Year award 48 wins and a second round playoff exit, followed by a solid second season where his numbers begin to slip, followed by a precipitous decline in year three where he scores 3 points per game, to finally a trade to the Warriors to clear cap space playing 15 minutes a night backing up Ike Diogu and Andris Bierdins.

As per usual, Nat of Need4Sheed is all over the Ben Wallace situation with copious amounts of video and photoshops...

I've been getting my Detroit Tigers fix at both The Daily Fungo and Mack Avenue Tigers. Both have been doing a great job of gathering interesting links and espousing opinions.

Finally, kudos to the Leelanau Sports Guy on his being named the "Michigan Blog of the Week" by A2Y. Well done, Sports Pig...

As for me? I'll be drinking cold beverages at the Sammy Hagar show at the DTE Music Theatre Pine Knob tomorrow night. So if any posting happens over the weekend, it will be sporatic at best, and possbily done under the influence. You have been warned...


  1. Even when you're just linking it's good reading. And thatnks for the plug!

  2. Is Cabo Wabo served at the concession stand when Sammy Hagar's in town?

    I still laugh when I think about Sammy appearing on Emeril Live!, where a bunch of stuff was cooked with Cabo Wabo. Great TV.

    I could go for some of that tequila after this "working writer" stuff...

  3. Little old me, Blog of the Week, I can hardly believe it!

  4. I appreciate the link but whenever I see your web site's name in my statistics, I read it incorrectly and the image is realy starting to scar my mind!
    -Kurt / MackAve