Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's the dawn of a new Pistons era, and I don't like what I see

The Detroit Pistons off season Plan A:

Resign Ben Wallace to an expensive, yet fair, contract.
Use the MLE to sign a free agent SG/SF who can slash/score.
Find a backup PG.

The Pistons were confident that if they could accomplish Plan A, they'd contend for the NBA title for at least another year or three.

Now that Chicago haa gone and blowed up that plan real good by signing Ben Wallace to a 60 million dollar contract they may regret 3 years from now, the Pistons have moved on to their off season Plan B.

The Detroit Pistons off season Plan B:

Use the MLE to sign...Joel Pryzbilla.
Resign Lindsey Hunter...For 2 years.

Without Wallace, the Pistons championship window just closed. Hard. With Joe Dumars' fingers on the windowsill.

Joe D has his nuts in the proverbial vise. The Pistons are salary capped out, so they can't just pick and choose a free agent, it would have to be a sign and trade. A straight trade is out of the question, as it takes value to get value, which means trading a starter or McDyess. They didn't have a 1st round pick this year, so there's no help coming from the draft. (If you believe the 60th pick in the draft is going to anything more than the 15th man on the roster, well, you need medication.)

In thinking he was going to resign Ben Wallace, Dumars shipped out Darko for a pick, and traded Maurice Evans for pennies on the dollar, getting a 7'-1", 3 year project, who has the same build as Lara Flynn Boyle. I'm guessing he has the same basketball skills as Lara as well. The only money the Pistons have available are the above mentioned 5+ million mid level exemption, and the 1+ million veteran's exemption. That's why they are talking Joel Pryzbilla, rather than Speedy Claxton and/or Bonzi Wells.

Oh, you say that the Pistons should just move Antonio McDyess into the starting lineup. They gain offense and still have a decent defense. With those starters, it's still a team that can win 50 games and make the playoffs. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and say that Dice's knees will hold up playing starter minutes over an 82 game season. You best hope the starters can play 48 minutes a game, because just look at the bench...

Joel Pryzbilla (If signed) - Eric Montross V2.0
Carlos Delfino - Do you know if he can play? The Pistons don't either.
Jason Maxiell - A power forward that's the size of a small forward.
Lindsey Hunter - 52 years old.
Alex Acker - Last year's 2nd round pick whom we were told who could play, and was the 15th man. OK, maybe the 13th.
Dale Davis - 72 years old.
Will Blaylock - This year's 2nd round pick whom we are told who can play, and will end up the 15th man. OK, maybe the 14th.

That team is as deep as the gene pool in the Appalachians. Early playoff knockout, here we come.

I sincerely hope Joe Dumars has something, anything, up his sleeve. Considering the look of the team right now, the Pistons are contending for the eastern confrence 4th seed, at best, not the NBA title.

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  1. So was Plan Y signing Nazr Mohammed?

    I'm just cynical enough to figure Dumars wants to cash in on jersey sales from all the Muslims in metro Detroit who will want their very own "Mohammed" jersey.