Tuesday, May 02, 2006

If anyone at the Worldwide Leader is reading...

...I just wanted ask if you could pass the word. 99% of the country doesn't care that Johnny Damon is coming back to Boston. We don't care that he shaved. We don't care that he cut his hair. We don't care if Boston is upset. We don't care if New York City is thrilled about it. WE DON'T CARE. Period.

Thanks a bunch!

Big Al

PS: We'd be plenty happy if you could do something about that Stephen A. Smith guy.
PPS: My 9 year old old niece walked by the TV while Bill Walton was broadcasting a recent playoff game. Her exact words? "He sounds stupid, Uncle Al." Thought you might like to know.


  1. I was actually pretty into the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry while living in Iowa, because I couldn't see the Tigers, and was subjected to Cubs and White Sox games.

    But as they've done with virtually everything I've loved about sports, ESPN has just overkilled the Yanks-Sox thing into the fucking ground, and sapped most of my enjoyment out of the thing.

    Should the Mirabelli thing really have led SportsCenter, following the game and into the next day?