Sunday, May 07, 2006

I AM A WITNESS... a complete and utter humiliation of the Cavaliers on national TV. The Detroit Pistons embarrased LeBron and the Cavdaverliers. Sorry, NBA, ESPN, ABC, TNT, Nike, and all the others that hitched themselves to the "King James" bandwagon. That bandwagon now empties at the Palace.

Please watch your step when exiting the Cavs bandwagon, and upon hopping on the Pistons'. 'Sheed was his prophetic self, as usual, when earlier this season he said, "We'll see them bandwagon ass-cats come May and June."

The Cavs will say that they were playing off a short turnaround after an emotional 1st round win. That they were gassed physically, spent emotionally. That the Pistons couldn't play any better. those excuses doesn't change the fact that LeBron and the James Gang's defense is so awful that they couldn't stop Gary Coleman on the perimeter and Emanuel Lewis on the low post, let alone the best team in the NBA. I hear Webster does have a mean ass drop step...

I'll say that the rest of the series may be a little closer, just because the Cavs couldn't play any worse on both ends of the floor. But if the Cavs put up another weak ass effort like today's, this series is over in 2 weeks, tops. (A 4 day break between games 2 and 3? Nations have been conquered in less time than it takes to complete a NBA series.)

Pure and simple, the Pistons are on a mission while playing with, not just a chip, but a large boulder on their shoulders. The comments about their games not being broadcast on the national networks but on NBA TV, while comparing their 1st round scheduling to playing JV ball, intentional snubs or not, shows their motivation. The Cavs are just happy to be in the 2nd round. If they are going to continue to play this badly, the Cavs would have been better off just buying tickets. It'd be easier on their pysche and save the city of Cleveland from the embarrassment.


  1. If Game 2 is a repeat, Al, then the newspapers should print the schedule thusly:

    Game 3 (if necessary)