Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's it like to be a Detroit sports fan?

In the words of Stimpson J. Cat, it's nothing but "Happy happy joy joy!" to be a fan of sports in the D. It's getting harder and harder to be a "Nattering Nabob of Negativity." And why is that?

Because the sun is currently shining brightly upon the Detroit sports fan. Joey Blue Skies is no longer the Lions QB, the Pistons have clinched the East and have a 3 game lead for overall home court, the Red Wings are on the verge of setting a record for road wins in a season while having a near lock on the President's Cup, and the Tigers are off to a rip roaring 2-0 start. We have 3 teams all alone in first place. Could it get any better? Let's count the ways...

Pudge Rodriguez has looked like the bad ass Pudge of 2004, not the hacker Pudge of 2005.

Joel Zumaya may be the next coming of Goose Gossage.

Jeremy Bonderman and The Gambler were dominating in their first starts.

Chris Shelton is channelling his inner Tony Gwynn.

Carlos Guillen is healthy (knock on wood) and playing like a top tier shortstop again.

'Sheed finally got his 16th tech, the Pistons didn't miss a step, we can now all stop talking about it.

Chauncey Billups is back (as if he ever left) in the NBA MVP race after totally outplaying Steve Nash in their head to head match up.

Antonio McDyess and Steve Yzerman are playing like they never had multiple surgeries on their knees.

Tony Delk, another Joe Dumars roster coup, has made everyone forget about Carlos Arroyo.

The Darko drama has ended.

Joe Dumars was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Rod Marinelli and Jim Leyland are chewing gum and kicking ass (and in Leyland's case, smoking like a chimney), just what their respective teams need.

Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsuk have stepped up and have become the great players the Wings hierarchy always thought they would be.

Old Brendan Shanahan and ancient Chris Chelios are playing like a young Brendan Shanahan and a merely old Chris Chelios.

Nicklas Lidstom is still playing like Nicklas Lidstrom.

Ken Holland has proved that he's more than just hockey's version of Brian Cashman, and doesn't need an umlimited budget to put together a great team.

I'm aware this light-headed feeling could be, and probably is, temporary. Let's enjoy it while we can, as the NFL Draft and Matt Millen lurk around the corner. I'm sure Matt Millen will find a way to harsh my mellow...


  1. You're right -- good times, indeed.

    If the Tigers can play .500 ball the rest of the season, they'll hit my 82-80 prediction!

  2. Careful, Big Al, don't jinx it...

  3. Jinx? Me? I wish I had that much power...

    And the Tigers are off and winning big again tonight, making Eno's prediction look that much better.

  4. Well,I'm 52 and have NEVER seen the Lions in the Super
    Bowl(they won their last NFL
    title in '57,nine years before
    Super Bowl One),and the Tigers
    have won two World Series in my lifetime('68 and '84).But
    in '06,from the Pistons and
    Wings will deliver my kicks!!!