Thursday, April 27, 2006

This list is not complete without Reggie Rogers

As I was killing time before the upcoming gut wrencher that the Red Wings game will most likely be, I ran into an interesting article. Page 2 ranked the "100 Worst Draft Picks Ever" today. The great State of Michigan was well represented, as you might think. I thought I'd touch base on those who were drafted by or played with, at one time or another, teams from the mitten.

94. Joey Harrington, Detroit Lions (No. 3, 2002): Why do I have this nagging feeling that Joey Blue Skies will pull a couple of Rich Gannon-esque seasons out of his ass somewhere down the line? Must be the pessimistic Lions fan in me.

85. Andre Ware, Detroit Lions (No. 7, 1990): Look under "System QB" and you'll see Ware's and David Klingler's picture in the encyclopedia. But everyone was wrong about Ware, just go back to Joe Theisman's ESPN draft day raves about the Lions taking Ware. Then again, it was Joe

83. Chuck Long, Detroit Lions (No. 12, 1986): The wrong QB with the wrong coach in the wrong city at the wrong time. Long may have had a chance if he had been drafted by another organization, as the Lions were in the midst of the awful Darryl Rogers era. Long threw for a TD on his first ever pass from scrimmage. It was all downhill from there.

82. Matt Anderson, Detroit Tigers (No. 1, 1997): Octopus toss, nothing more needs to be said. Well...other than he threw the straightest 100 MPH fastball ever, which would then leave the park at 110 MPH. Lesson learned, never ever take a closer with the 1st overall pick, especially one with a violent octopus throwing motion.

81. Desmond Howard, Washington Redskins (No. 4, 1992): Despite his lack of success at WR in the NFL, I have a soft spot for Desmond. His catch that beat the evil empire that is Notre Dame is still burned into my memory to this day. One of my happiest moments as a Michigan fan.

79. Joe Smith, Golden State Warriors (No. 1, 1995): Does anyone else remember Smith spent 1 horrible season in Detroit? Anyone? I think every one of us have wiped our memories of the George Irvine led Pistons. Seems longer than 6 years ago, doesn't it?

73. through 56. The first 18 picks of the 1983 baseball draft (With the 15th pick, the Tigers took pitcher Wayne Dotson): Just one of the first alarming signs of the long downward spiral of the Detroit Tiger farm system.

37. Any Michigan running back - For example, 1st round picks Chris Perry (2004), Tim Biakabutuka (1996), Tyrone Wheatley (1995), Jarrod Bunch (1991) and Butch Woolfolk (1982): Almost as disappointing a group as the Penn St. backs that were listed. But the book is still out on Perry, Wheatly has had a long journeyman career, Woolfolk was a decent situational back for the Giants, Timmy B couldn't stay healthy for more than a game or 2 at a time, and you have to admit that it's insane to draft a pure fullback in the 1st round, as the Giants did with Bunch. Who knew that Bunch would be much more successful as an actor than a fullback?

15. Darko Milicic, Detroit Pistons (No. 2, 2003): Just like the rest of you, I'm sick and tired of talking about Darko, let alone debating how large a bust he'll be considered.

7. Charles Rogers, Detroit Lions (No. 2, 2003): A Sparty that liked bong hits a little too much? Sounds like most of my Spartan friends back in the day. Fortunately for them, they weren't the #2 overall pick in the NFL draft.

6. Robert Traylor, Milwaukee Bucks, (No. 6, 1998): Any Michigan fan could have told the Bucks that Traylor wasn't worth that high a pick, unless it was for an eating competition. And to give up Dirk Nowitski for him? Talk about twisting the knife. Tells you all you need to know as to why we are bored stiff with the current Pistons - Bucks playoff series.

After reading the article, I had one question. Where's Reggie Rogers? A 7th overall pick in 1987 who ended up in prison convicted of 3 counts of negligent homocide should make any draft bust list. Unfortunately, it's nothing you would want to joke about, which is the likely reason Rogers was omitted.

We can only hope that the upcoming 2006 NFL draft will not give us another name to add to the list.


  1. Sam Bowie, Kentucky (1984) -- ahead of Jordan, wasn't he?

    Tony Mandarich, MSU (1989) -- ahead of Barry Sanders.

    LaRue Martin (don't know the college), by the TrailBlazers, who might possibly have been the worst #1 pick in the history of the NBA.

    But I didn't see the list, so maybe the above made it.

  2. Lions QB picks should be the name of one wing in this hall of shame. In Desmond's defense he was a pretty decent kick returner and helped the Pack win a Super Bowl.

    And as far as Detroit sports goes, how about Dick Vitale trading two first round picks to Boston in order re-acquire Bob McAdoo. Red Auerbach used those two draft picks to 1) acquire Robert Parrish in a trade and 2) draft Kevin McHale. So Vitale was partially responsible for helping Boston put together 2/3 of the best frontcourt in the NBA at the time.

    It isn't strictly a bad draft choice by the Pistons but it's still pretty lopsided.


  3. Given the Lions history of tragic accidents and legendary misadventures, I'm guessing Ernie Sims is doomed to perish in a Tilt-A-Whirl accident at the state fair later this year.

    Book it.

  4. Darko's probably going to star in O-Town the way the crappy boy band didn't.After all,he's got Dwight Ho-
    ward and some other good young players
    with whom to work.