Monday, April 24, 2006

Quick hits

The Pistons toy with the Bucks and win game one going away. What's the most straight to the point recap of the series so far? SI's Kelly Dwyer put it most succinctly.

Holy crap, Detroit is good.

Yes. Yes, they are.

The Wings play with a lack of urgency, and two sloppy givaways allow the Oilers to win game two, 4-2. The headline to the Little Fella's column said what we all feel.

Panic in Detroit? Not yet. Time to worry? You betcha!

Worried? Yes, we are.

But enough playoff banter for the time being, as I'm short on time tonight.

You know what really has my goat? What's my beef? A couple of things set off my BS meter today. First, WXYT's Big Show with Art Regner and Doug Karsh had a hot hot hot topic during their first hour of their show. Was it the Pistons win? No. The Red Wings loss? Not today. Was it the Tigers winning ways during their west coast trip? Nope. They decided to spend an hour talking about...The new version of Monopoly that has different cities on rather than streets, and why Detroit is not on the game board. Huh? It was the worst hour of radio since Mike Stone spent an hour talking about shirts in his closet on WDFN. A rabid masturbating monkey on meth could program a better hour of radio. And the powers that be wonder why people have stopped listening to terrestrial radio.

Second, I'm pissed at myself. I should know better by now. Why am I still watching Sportscenter? Why do I even bother? I'm as big a NFL fan as the bext man, but I'M F'N FED UP, as I'm up to here with the NFL draft talk! Nearly 10 minutes of my life was wasted on the Reggie Bush house non-story. I then realized the futility of it all and walked away. But you know what? I'll probably tune in again tomorrow, get pissed, and do the same. Why? There's no better alternative on the tube.

Much more tomorrow...


  1. I missed that first hour of "The Big Show," but I sometimes wonder if Karsch and Regner assume that people have been listening to WXYT all day, and therefore have been sort of talked about on the sports topics of the day. Not that I'm defending such an assumption; there was SO MUCH to talk about in Detroit sports yesterday, so why the filler?

    I usually can't stand SportsCenter for more than 15 minutes anymore (after the PTI "Big Finish" - and I HATE that ESPN does that to the show). And this time of year indulges ESPN's worst impulses, spending so much time on mindless NFL Draft minutiae, rather than conducting any pretense of journalism.

    I think ESPN just figures they have a captive audience, knowing that we probably won't turn the channel because there literally isn't any competition, and keeps things bland hoping to attract the casual fan. It's infuriating.

  2. Just do what I did, quit watching ESPN. I haven't missed it at all...