Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another national nightmare is over!

As I'm watching the Wings game last night (more on that, later), I flip to ESPN News to check out the scores. And what do I see on the crawl? Brett Favre says he's coming back to the Packers. As a Lions fan, I say, YES!

Packer fans are deluding themselves if they think the aging and innefective Farve under center is going to make much difference. The Pack should expect another 25-30 interceptions as Farve continues to believe he's still a 29 year old all-pro gunsliger, rather than the 36 year old average, at best, QB he is now. Despite what Favre might think, he doesn't have the arm, or team around him, that allows him to get away with throwing into double and triple coverage anymore, and get away with it.

Sure, Favre has earned the right to end his career his way. But to drag out this decision as long as he did wasn't right. How committed to the coming season is Favre if it took this long for him to decide to come back? It has all the signs of someone playing out the string to get paid.

Favre or not, the Packers are still a bad team, worse than the Lions.

Worse still will be the media's fellating of Favre all season in what is most likely his last. Be prepared, as the Favre retirement tour will be thrust down our throats. I know that one man in pacticular, known for his massive Favre man-crush, cannot wait to roll about in Favre's juices one more season.

I hope you're happy, John. Because it's going to be a looong Favre-centric fall for the rest of us...

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