Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Vince Young? A genius! Peter Griffin? Brilliant! The NHL? We need to talk...

When the NHL powers that be took the Wonderlic, they scored lower than Vince Young. If the NHL schedule makers were animated, they'd be Peter Griffin. In other words, the NHL continues to revel in their immense stupidity...

NHL: Well, here they are, my test results! Read 'em and weep!
Hockey fans: Um, according to this, you're not a genius. In're mentally retarded.
NHL: Oh, yeah? Well, would a mentally retarded league have hired an incompetent drunk to to write their schedule in celebration of their fantastic test results?
Hockey fans: Um... maybe.
NHL: ...Uh oh.

Maybe that explains the Red Wings current death march of a schedule... Why on earth would the league send the Wings on a three game west coast road trip immeadiately after the Olympics? Having them play back to back games just rubs salt in the wound. How difficult would have it been for the geniuses at the NHL to make the post Olympic schedule a tad more sane? If they so desperately wanted to send the Wings on a Western Confrence trip, send them to St. Louis or Chicago. But San Jose, Anaheim, and Phoenix?

That's just cruel.

This asinine road trip makes my Western Confrence pet peeve rant even more relevant. Look at the Wings upcoming schedule, if you dare. They have another trip west in two weeks. What makes the upcoming trip strange, is that the Wings go to Chicago, come home for one, count 'em, one game against the Ducks, then travel to western Canada to play back to back weekend games in Edmonton and Vancouver. If the Wings manage to keep the #1 overall seed after that kind of travel, they aren't hockey players, they're superhuman! You should replace the winged wheel on their sweaters with a Superman "S."

As the cause of all this mess, I'm not going to say anything about the NHL's unholy alliance with the IOC. The results pretty much speak for themselves.

If the insanity continues, the NHL might as well hire this guy to write schedules. He couldn't do any worse...

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